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New Haven, CT
Mar 11, 2019


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.


Performs a variety of duties which are critical to insure the proper performance and maintenance of numerous life safety systems throughout the Hospital. In addition, is responsible for numerous general safety items in support of the Occupational Health and Facilities Safety Program. Conducts on-going inspections and monitoring of fire and life safety systems and related environmental conditions to insure the Hospital''s compliance with Federal, State, and Local Fire and Building Codes and maintains the Hospital''s state of fire emergency preparedness. Reports findings to members of the Management Team and assists in their efforts to rectify those non-compliant conditions. Co-chairs the Hospital Safety Committee and provides direct support for the Occupational health and Facilities Safety Program. Performs as an instructor providing health and safety-related education and training for Hospital employees.

  • 1. Conducts regularly scheduled hazard surveillance inspections throughout all public, mechanical, office and other related spaces as evidenced by written inspection reports, using Federal, State, JCAHO, and Local Fire and Building Codes, regulations, guidelines, and recommended good work practices.
  • 2. Prepares a written report concerning the observation while conducting regular inspections and circulates that report to management team members and department representatives of those areas inspected for corrective action, as evidenced by the report copies being shared with the co-chairs of the Occupational Health and Facilities Safety Program.
  • 3. Conducts a timely follow up on all reported exceptions to insure correction as evidenced by notations on initial inspection reports.
  • 4. Participates as a team member in the Environment of Care (EOC) Rounds process providing specific expertise in the safety area. Along with other Rounds process providing specific expertise in the safety area. Along with other Rounds participants, inspects all patient care areas throughout the Hospital, both ambulatory and non-ambulatory, in accordance with the Rounds schedule and is responsible for life safety and general safety issues, as evidenced by Rounds documentation.
  • 5. Assists and advises area or department representatives in rectifying inspection exceptions and fire protection-related problem solving, as evidenced by the sharing of correspondence and other documentation with the Director of Plant Engineering.
  • 6. Inspects, tests, and reports on the performance of all automatic fire sprinkler/standpipe systems on an annual basis according to NFPA, IRI, and UL criteria as evidenced by written reports.
  • 7. Along with the Hospital''s Fire Protection Insurance carrier, conducts annual NFPA, IRI, and UL discharge performance tests of all fire booster pumps, as evidenced by copies of IRI test data sheets and written reports.
  • 8. Responsible for the supervision of monthly and annual, visual inspections of all hand-held fire extinguishers and standpipe hose racks throughout the Hospital in accordance with NFPA standards, as evidenced by updated computer data base inventory controls and computer generated reports. Also responsible for the training of personnel to perform said inspections, as well as being responsible for replacing any faulty extinguishers and having those extinguishers serviced by an outside contractor.
  • 9. Conducts plan reviews for code compliance of all architectural and mechanical construction documents, regardless of size, for Hospital renovation and construction projects. Schedules plan review meetings for larger projects, as necessary, with the local Fire Marshal after initial plan review and personally presents the plan for his approval to secure buildings permits.
  • 10. Conducts regular progress inspections of all new construction and renovation projects to ensure compliance with pre-approved, code compliant construction plans. Notifies responsible individuals to take corrective actions regarding any hazardous or non-compliant conditions, as observed in the field.
  • 11. Evaluates and approves, as appropriate, all scheduled Impairments and shutdowns of fir suppression and detection systems. Evaluates and approves all hot work permit applications to conduct such work throughout the Hospital.
  • 12. Inspects, as necessary, all site locations of active fire suppression and detection systems impairments, as well as hot work activity to insure that all work is being performed according to applicable national, state, and local standards.
  • 13. Schedules, coordinates, and reports on the annual and special inspection visits of the Hospital''s property loss insurance carrier''s representatives and field engineers, as reported to the Director of Plant Engineering.
  • 14. Reviews, summarizes as necessary, and circulates the reports resulting from insurance carrier and regulatory agency inspection visits, and coordinates and monitors activity necessary to correct exceptions noted in those reports.
  • 15. Schedules, coordinates, conducts, evaluates, and documents all Hospital fire drills that are required by the State Fire Safety Code and the JCAHO, as evidenced by the development of the annual drill schedule, maintenance of a complete and accurate documentation file, and the management of the computerized, e-mail participation system.
  • 16. Co-chairs the Hospital Safety Committee along with the Health and Safety Training and Compliance Coordinator. Provides bi-monthly Life Safety Management and quarterly Safety Management reports to the committee, as required by the JCAHO.
  • 17. Directly supports the Hospital Occupational Health and Facilities Safety Program along with the Health and Safety Training and Compliance Coordinator and shares responsibilities for day-to-day activities, as evidenced by providing correspondence and other documentation to the program co-chairs.
  • 18. Provides consultative services to the YNHH-MSO by providing on-going health and safety site assessments, assisting with health and safety program development and implementation, health and safety training curriculum development, and other duties, as necessary to help the MSO achieve compliance with applicable sate laws, regulations, and recommended good work practices.
  • 19. As necessary, performs employee accident investigations to correct any hazardous conditions that may exist within the Hospital to maintain a safe, functional, and healthy working environment for employees, as evidenced by reports and other documentation.
  • 20. As necessary, performs fire investigations to resolve any fire incidents throughout the Hospital to maintain a fire safe environment for employees, as evidenced by reports and other documentation forwarded to the Director of Plant Engineering.
  • 21. Routinely performs ergonomic, worksite evaluations for employees'' work stations throughout the Hospital, as requested. Also, informs and educates employees on the importance of ergonomics to help them maintain an ergonomically correct work site and to work more safely.
  • 22. Has prime responsibility, supported by the Director of Plan Engineering to conduct regularly scheduled training classes for the Hospital''s Emergency Response Team (ERT), as evidenced by participation in training classes and development of curriculum.
  • 23. In cooperation with the Health and Safety Training and Compliance Coordinator, develops, tests, and implements new, Occupational Health and Facilities Safety curriculum, as evidenced by participation in the curriculum development process.
  • 24. Routinely follows a problematic fire/life safety condition, which is in need of constant supervision until completely resolved.
  • 25. Represents the Director of Plant Engineering, as necessary, in all matters concerning fir/life safety issues, which the Director is unable to attend due to scheduling conflict or absence from the Hospital.

    Other information:


    Associates degree in Fire and Occupational Safety, Engineering, or other related field plus on-the-job training, healthcare setting preferred.


    Five (5) years experience in loss prevention, fire protection, engineering, code enforcement or related experience.


    Must be able to read and interpret technical code publications, as well as review and understand architectural and mechanical construction documents. Must have good problem solving and organizational skills. Must have excellent communication, interpersonal, and instructional skills, Must have good personal computer skills.

    Conducts on-going inspections and monitors fire/life safety systems to ensure compliance with fire and building codes. Coordinates visits and utilization of outside agencies pertaining to fire/life safety systems. Co-chairs Hospital Safety Committee in accordance with Workers'' Compensation and JCAHO standards.

    Analyzes architectural and functional fire safety problems. Recommends and suggests solutions.

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