Mgr, Distribution Systems

New Haven, CT
Dec 19, 2018


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.


Plans, programs, budgets, and schedules maintenance work and capitalized system renewal projects performed by Hospital personnel and outside contractors. The areas of responsibility include plumbing systems and equipment, electrical utility systems, and equipment. Acts in the absence of the Director of Engineering, as needed; responsible for reviewing the design and monitoring the installation of all plumbing and electrical systems during construction.

  • 1. Tracks and monitors the shop''s monthly, quarterly and annual financials for budgetary compliance, appropriate allocation and necessary cash flow modification.
  • 2. Supervises, directs, and inspects and coordinates the work activities of personnel working in the Electrical and Plumbing area. Responsible for the supervision of Plumbing and Electrical Staff.
  • 3. Establishes programs and coordinates such programs for providing preventive maintenance and equipment monitoring. Selects, trains, and motivates employees in the plumbing and electrical sections. Makes effective recommendations relating to wage changes, promotions, transfers and terminations, and disciplinary action; and conducts or reviews regular performance reviews and reviews interview for and with section personnel. Ensures proper training of section supervisors in all Hospital personnel policies and procedures; participates in the development of accurate and up-to-date position descriptions throughout own area of responsibility.
  • 4. Reviews all plumbing and electrical construction drawings to ensure compliance with proper design procedures. Responsible for monitoring the installation of new plumbing and electrical systems during construction phase to ensure compliance with specifications. Works closely with the Project Design Section and supports their activities.
  • 5. Ensures that environmental conditions within the Hospital comply with accepted standards of comfort and health.
  • 6. Assists in the development and implementation of energy usage for all plumbing and electrical systems.
  • 7. Prepares maintenance specifications necessary to obtain bids for contractual services.
  • 8. Administers service contracts with outside vendors and insures that work is performed in accordance with specifications set forth.
  • 9. Develops short and long-term programs to reduce energy usage in areas of responsibility.
  • 10. Consults with Facilities Planning Group and to ensure that system maintenance is considered on all new projects. Provides counsel and advice regarding design and code compliance.
  • 11. Ensures that all safety procedures and regulations are followed.
  • 12. Assumes the duties of the Director of engineering in his/her absence, as directed. Oversees equipment and some Capital Project installations directly.
  • 13. Coordinates the shutdowns of plumbing and electrical. Is expected to be present during all major shutdowns of Plumbing and electrical systems.
  • 14. Assists in the development of a comprehensive computerized energy management system for all buildings. Insures building automation systems are accurate, up-to-date. Software is current and training is adequate.
  • 15. Shares responsibility for the programming and operation of Johnson Controls for Energy and Fire Alarm Computer system.
  • 16. Develops programs to analyze manpower requirements and increase productivity.
  • 17. Oversees plumbing and electrical maintenance/service contracts and assists in keeping construction costs to minimum by negotiations and assuming more responsibility of the equipment currently under contract.
  • 18. Ensures that all new equipment (within the area of responsibility) is placed on preventive maintenance programs and that established preventive maintenance programs are effectively carried out.
  • 19. Ensures that monthly meetings with each section and his/her staffs are held to discuss problems, concerns, policies, procedures, etc.
  • 20. Ensures that all assigned personnel follow department policies and procedures.
  • 21. Provides in-service education and training to section personnel working with new equipment.
  • 22. Participates in the development and implementation of departmental and Hospital policies and procedures.
  • 23. Develops short and long term programs to address and correct problems in assigned areas of responsibility.
  • 24. Distributes F-112 work order requests to people in assigned sections.
  • 25. Evaluates new products for acceptability and compliance with Hospital needs and established standards.
  • 26. Participates in various site inspections in the Hospital complex with insurance carriers, Fire Marshal and other individuals for monitoring or compliance with accreditation and safety standards.
  • 27. Keeps Director of Plant engineering informed of facilities improvement needs and costs through reports and specifications.
  • 28. Demonstrates interpersonal behavior such as courtesy and discretion which fosters positive customer relations.
  • 29. Functions as the individual ultimately responsible for the occupational health and safety of all members of the Plumbing and Electrical shops.
  • 30. Oversees the functions and behavior of all Plumbers and Electricians to ensure equitable compliance with the Hospital''s published Personnel and Administrative Policies and Procedures.
  • 31. Works with staff to develop and enhance team performance in the accomplishment of the Departments'' mission.
  • 32. Works with employees at all levels in the Department to establish a foundation of mutual respect, self-worth and sense of active participation and to realize their ability to affect outcomes.
  • 33. With the involvement of all personnel, champions action necessary to achieve high customer satisfaction scores and to focus on those things which support the whole Hospital''s mission to provide outstanding patient care.
  • 34. Works in the development and maintenance of an environment conducive to the performance of high quality work through on-going communications with employees, accountability, the provision of proper maintenance systems, tools, techniques, materials and technical training.
  • 35. Monitors performance through various managerial tools and reports and takes corrective action as indicated by data which is ''off normal'' or outside the bounds of established limits.
  • 36. Prepares performance appraisals for all responsible personnel.
  • 37. Works with the staff to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local laws, regulations, codes and standards pertaining to all aspects of physical plant operations.

    Other information:


    Bachelors'' degree in electrical or mechanical technology/engineering or hospital engineering required. Emphasis on familiarity with electrical distribution systems in large, complex facilities


    Five (5) to seven (7) years of experience in maintenance of large facilities with significant supervisory responsibilities. Hospital facilitates experience and exposure to computerized preventive maintenance system desirable.


    Licensed as a professional engineer in the state of CT is desirable.


    Current desirable knowledge of technological developments in maintenance with strong electrical skills. Excellent supervisory skills. Familiarity with use of basic "office suite" software.

    Incumbent held accountable for establishing work schedules and assigning work to respective groups of responsibility to achieve accomplishment; ensures that proper procedures and policies are followed and in general ensures that effective administration of own sections. In addition, the incumbent is responsible for the development and implementation of a rolling five-year electrical and plumbing capital infrastructure renewal plan.

    Position requires the exercise of independent judgment and discretion in carrying out supervisory responsibilities; implements policies and procedures; making effective recommendations regarding employees'' status. Work requires the development of work schedules.

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    Job Info

    Job: 1705

    Department: Plant Engineering
    Category: Mgmt/leadership
    Sub Category: NON-CLINICAL
    Status: Full Time
    Shift: DAYS
    Hours: 40.00