Occupational Health Physician

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Groton, CT
Apr 11, 2019


Job Description

Per Diem - Occupational Health Physician - Groton, CT

The Occ Health Physician (MD or DO) reports to the Medical Director Occ. Health Svcs. He /she will work as a staff physician at any of the satellite Occ Health offices including the Foxon Urgent Care center as needed. Duties will include but are not limited to caring for injured workers, managing their rehabilitation, performing pre-placement and periodic physical examinations geared to a specific work position. This physician will understand the nuances of workers'' compensation injury management and be knowledgeable in OSHA surveillence requirements. In addition this physician will have experience and appropriate training to work in an urgent care center. This physician will work with a team of occupational health and urgent care professionals and will have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

    1. Provides patient care services
    1 .1 Asseses of injuries or illnesses
    1 .2 Treats of injuries or illnesses
    1 .3 Plans and overseas rehabilitation of work related injuries
    1 .4 Performs diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as indicated in the delineation of privileges
  • 2. 2.1 Supports the leadership team at the assigned work place. Works with the site lead nurse to attain the most efficient and highest quality Occ Health office
    2 .2 Works with the lead nurse to attain efficient overall patient flow
    2 .3 Follows appropriate policies for triage, consults, admissions, interservice issues.
    2.4 Follows appropiate billing of services rendered per standard billing and coding practicies
  • 3. Supervision of Physician Assistants and or APRNs, resident physicians, medical students and other
    paraprofessional health care students
    3 .1 While on duty supervises PAs and APRNs under his or her charge.
    3 .2 Performs appropriate chart reviews of supervised PAs and APRNs per protocols
    3.3 Counsels and ensures that PA and APRN follow customary and usual clinical guidelines appropriate
    for the illness or injury.
    3 .4 Documents all above activities
  • 4. Participates in educational activities related to departmental needs.
    4 .1 Maintains MRO certification and FMCSA certification per departmental needs.
    4 .2 Supports the designated department MRO as needed. May be asked to suport the drug testing coordinator with regard to policies, procedures, and drug test interpretation in the department''s MRO absence.
  • 5. In addition to clinical shifts, the per diem Occ. Health physician will participate in other departmental activites as required by the Medical Director Occ Health Services. Examples of these activties are:
    5 .1 Designated committee meetings (intra/extramural)
    5.2 Special projects to support a client company''s needs
    5.3 Attend department clinician meetings

    To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.
    For more information please contact Natasha Rotella at Natasha.rotella@ynhh.org or (203) 502-6515



    EDUCATION - The Occ Health physician will be Board Certified in one of the following: internal medicine, emergency medicine, family practice or occupational medicine and will have experience in Occupational medicine and apporpriate training to satisfy requirements to work in an urgent care facility as determined by Yale NHH or its affliates.


    At least 3 years experience in the practice of occupational medicine and 3 years in urgent care or emergency medicine is desired with the emphasis on actual hands on patient care. Experience in team leadership and supervising PAs and APRNs would be a plus.


    The Occ Health physician will hold a valid unrestricted license to practice medicine in the State of CT, This physician must maintain his or her apporpriate Board Certification. He/she will maintain a Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Controlled Substances Registration Certificate and State of CT Controlled Substance Registration for Practitioners. He/she will also maintain membership in the Medical Staff of Yale NHH in the appropriate section or one of the Yale NH Health System affliates. Further certifications unique to Occupational Medicine may be required per the Medical Director Occ Health Servcies such as MRO or FMCSA certifications.


    The Occ Health physician will possess clinical skills commensurate with this position. This physician is expected to support marketing efforts for
    the department and will be expected to visit client companies as needed. The Per diem Occ Health physician may also be required to practice Occ Med and or urgent care at a company''s work site and also be available to offer recommendations on policies and procedures related to employee and employer health issues on or off site. In addition to the special skills needed for practice of Occ health, this physician should be versed in all aspects of "walk in" or urgent care medicine.

    The Occ health physician reports to the Med Dir OCC Health Services. He/she will be evaluated annually adhering to policies of Yale NHH Mission, Vision and Goals. Clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and client company statisfaction surveys will be used as a basis for evaluation as well as parameters examining productivity and departmental financial contributions.

    The Occ Health physician will treat a wide variety of work related as well as non-work related medical conditions. He/she will be required to produce a detailed documentation using an EMR whenever possible. He/she may also be required to supervise PA and or an APRN. Opinions on fitness for duty evaluations will require review of available medical reports, medical examinations and an understanding of the job requirements. He or she will be required to communicate to the injuried worker, the company representative and insurer about diagnoses, work relationship, typical rehabilitation type and duration . It is expected that this physician will follow national treatment guidelines as well as State guidelines for the treatment of injured workers. Ths physician will also possess the knowledge and skills of required for acute episodic medicine as maybe seen in an urgent care setting..

    The Occ Health physician will work at various Occ Med sites in the System as well as the hospital as needed. In addition, travel to visit companies is
    expected. The Occ Health physician maybe required to be available for after hours consultation to our client companies and perform other duites as determined by the Med Director Occ Health Services. He or she will also be available as needed to work on weekends and evenings in an urgent care center at mutually agreed upon times

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    Status: Per Diem
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