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New Haven, CT
Nov 30, 2018


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.
Coordinates, and provides direction to the Health and Safety Specialists. Works collaboratively with team members from Occupational Health, Compensation and Benefits, Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control (HEIC), Legal Affairs /Risk Management, Institute for Excellence (IFE), YNHH-YSC Employee Health & Safety Committee, Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Human Resources (HR), Plant Engineering, Facilities Design & Construction (FD & C), Accreditation Safety and Regulatory Affairs (ASRA) , and others as needed for consultation on employee Health and Safety matters; including OSHA regulatory requirement. Ensures that health and safety training and content applying to healthcare workers related to health and safety are created and conducted in compliance with federal, state and local regulations.
  • 1. Conducts comprehensive and ongoing reviews of federal and/or state standards that are applicable to the health care/hospital working environment and designs comprehensive compliance plans, assigning responsibilities for safety protocol development, where necessary, to the appropriate department, group and/or individual.
  • 1.1. Sets direction for the YNHHS Employee Health and Safety Committee with the manager of Worker's Compensation services. Provides weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual employee injury/illness reports as required by Worker's compensation Commission, State of CT and as requested and/or required by the TJC, and other regulatory agencies and departments
  • 1.2. Oversees the coordination of the YNHH Employee Health and Safety Committee (YSC) representation with Manager of Worker's Compensation services, under the direction of Occupational Health Leadership.
  • 1.3. Supports the activities of the YNHHS Employee Health and Safety Committee through collaborative quality improvement, team participation, and assistance in research, data collection, analysis and reporting.
  • 1.4. Oversees and ensures compliance with OSHA regulations, TJC standards, CDC Guidelines and other federal and state rules and regulations. Participates and provides requested information for annual Workers' Compensation State of CT (WCC) managed care plan and Safety Committee. Responds to all OSHA investigation in collaboration with the Performance Management and Health and Safety Specialists
  • 1.5. Represents the Director of Occupational Health Services, as necessary at meetings that he/she is unable to attend, and reports on all matters pertaining to occupational health and safety.
  • 2. Conducts ongoing review of all YNHHS job descriptions to determine health and safety training requirements and computer-based training category for each based on position, department, job duties and level of risk. Performs entry of health and safety training requirements into Healthstream.
  • 2.1. Collaborates with IFE, Center for Professional Practice Excellence (CPPE) and HEIC on content of new employee orientation and appropriate facilities safety personnel, annual mandatory occupational safety and health and infection control training updates.
  • 2.2. Creates and periodically reviews/revises Occupational Health and Facilities Safety Training educational material for non employees.
  • 2.3. Participates as a lecturer on occupational health and safety during new employee orientation and train-the-trainer programs.
  • 2.4. Continues to provide new training material and protocols as federal, TJC, and state regulations, guidelines and standards and hospital protocols, policies and requirements change.
  • 2.5. Creates and periodically reviews/revises Healthcare Respirator Fit Testing and Training educational material, fit tester training, and respirator fit testing instructions.
  • 2.6. Creates courses, assignment of courses to appropriate staff, course exams and evaluations, and other course features at the institution and Enterprise level. Reviews and updates health and safety training courses. Responds to requests and creates specific activity reports.
  • 2.7. Coordinates the on line YNHH Health and Safety Manual by writing, reviewing, and revising policies in collaboration with policy content experts, uploads policies, creates approval templates, and activates approval process in the policy manager application.
  • 3. Conducts comprehensive and ongoing reviews of federal and/or state standards that are applicable to the health care/hospital working environment and designs comprehensive compliance plans, assigning responsibilities for safety protocol development, where necessary, to the appropriate department, group and/or individual.
  • 3.1. Supports the activities of and sets direction for the YNHHS Employee Health and Safety Committee through collaborative quality improvement team participation and assistance in research, data collection, analysis and reporting.
  • 3.2. Represents the YNHHS Employee Health and Safety Committee and/or Occupational Health Services, as necessary, in all matters pertaining to hospital-wide occupational health and safety initiatives. Creates handout material and/or interactive exercises and conducts appropriate training.
  • 3.3. Has authority to assess, identify, implement, evaluate and monitor surveillance, prevention, risks, hazards and hazard control measures, and compliance programs and activities hospital wide.
  • 3.4. In consultation with the campus Safety Officer, Coordinator Facilities Safety, FD&C and/or HEIC, can stop work in progress if it is deemed potentially injurious to employees or patients and/or not following hospital guidelines.
  • 4. Surveys compliance in practice including, but not limited to, bloodborne pathogens, airborne pathogens , respirator use, health and safety training, use of appropriate personal protective equipment, and exposure monitoring. Submits report of findings to Director of Occupational Health Services and Medical Director of Pop Health/Occupational Health (and/or others) as requested.
  • 4.1. As requested, assists with regularly scheduled hazard surveillance inspections throughout all clinical, public/common, mechanical, support, and office/business spaces as evidenced by written inspection reports using federal/OSHA regulations, TJC standards, state, local fire and building codes, CDC and
    Infection Control guidelines, and recommended safe work practices including but not limited to ergonmics.
  • 4.2. Participates in/with trials, vendor demonstrations, and implementation of safety sharp devices (safer medical devices).
  • 4.3. Collaborates and assists with the design, application and execution of applied research to identify, maintain, and evaluate health and safety practices and strategies to improve workplace safety.
  • 4.4. Provides accurate and timely employee injury/illness information to the Bureau of Labor Statistics/OSHA for the annual Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illness for YNHHS
  • 4.5. Oversees Health and Safety Specialists that maintain and certify OSHA log and provides data entry training to others in the Health System who are responsible for the OSHA log.
  • 4.6. Assists with and/or coordinates activities associated with OSHA Compliance Officers and OSHA investigations with other departments as needed or required. Provides (or designates appropriately) written follow up after department tours, employee interviews, and review of documentation associated with investigation.
  • 5. Responsible for managing stakeholder expectations at each delivery network.
  • 6. Collaborates with all delivery network leaders to achieve local business objectives.
  • 7. Oversees the maintenance of the YNHHS employee injury dashboard.
    Other information:


    Bachelor's degree in a related field required; Master of Science degree in occupational safety and health management or industrial hygiene preferred


    Five (5) years in occupational health and/or health and safety required. Performance management training preferred. Recommended but not required is certification by the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Inc., Board of Certified Healthcare Safety Management, and/or American Association of
    Industrial Hygienists, First Aid and BLS certification preferred. Demonstrated participation in OSHA and TJC
    compliance training. Demonstrated experience in implementing hospital -wide training and/or compliance programs. Experience with OSHA compliance preferred.


    Demonstrated excellent interpersonal, organizational, and customer service skills. Must be self-motivating and have the ability to exercise independent judgement in the development of plans and protocols to be submitted for approval and day-to-day work routine. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Must have demonstrated knowledge of OSHA regulations and TJC standards. Must be familiar with the following applications:
    Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and appropriate HTML database and report writer software; and SYSTOC and Epic programs. Must be able to plan, coordinate, implement and evaluate multiple facets of occupational health and
    safety. Must have a willingness to learn and apply knowledge. Must be able to conduct training sessions to la rge groups of employees.

    Responsible for ensuring that occupational health and safety-related training requirements are met. Surveys compliance in practice and reports non -compliance to department managers.

    Reviews OSHA regulations, TJC standards and workplace environment to determine training needs and identify changes related to compliance. Develops education and training material and participates in employee
    training. Collaborates, reviews and revises department and hospital-wide educational curriculum on occupational health and safety and infection control.

    Valid Connecticut driver's license as off-site evaluations are required. Position duties and responsibilities may require prolonged standing and walking; use of sight, hearing and touch; and the moving /lifting (or assisting with)
    employees and supplies/equipment of varying weights in the course of clinical duties or work evaluations. Must be able to lift and push/pull minimum of 30 lbs.

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