Niv/Slp Respiratory Therapist

New Haven, CT
Dec 19, 2018


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.


The NIV/Sleep Respiratory Therapist is a health care professional who is a graduate of a Program in Respiratory
Care approved by the committee on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) and is licensed by the State of
Connecticut as a Respiratory Care Practitioner. The NIV/Sleep Respiratory Therapist performs a variety of diagnostic tests and clinical
activities in the assessment, treatment and education of the patient with respiratory and sleep breathing related disorders. The NIV/Sleep Respiratory Therapist actively
supports and serves as a resource to other members of the patient care team. The NIV/Sleep Respiratory Therapist supports Sleep Medicine and Respiratory Care departmental and
interdepartmental quality efforts.

  • 1. Clinical Expert in the Application of Pulmonary Function Testing, Sleep Testing, Non-Invasive Ventilation: Functions efficiently, resourcefully and skillfully in
    providing age specific respiratory procedures and education in the inpatient outpatient setting.
    1 .1 Performs diagnostic testing such as arterial blood gas and hemoglobin testing.
    1 .2 Demonstrates knowledge and application of basic respiratory care procedures including airway
    management and emergency response.
    1 .5 Provides safe care by identifying patient using approved identifiers, employing standard and other
    preautions, and demonstrating HRO Behaviors.
    1 .6 Ability to manage all aspects of CPAP, Non-Invasive Ventilation and other ventilatory assist devices (VADS) usage in the outpatient and inpatient
    setting (expert knowledge). Must be able to deliver, assemble, demonstrate and educate patients and all staff on the proper use of Non-Invasive ventilation.
  • 2. Demonstrates knowledge and application of basic respiratory care procedures to all age-specific groups
    by recognizing inappropriate therapy, recommending initiation, adjustment, and discontinuation of these
    modalities in all clinical settings when appropriate.
    1.65 Provide Education for the Polysomnographic tech staff in function of engagement used to monitor and record
    breathing (airflow/effort), pulse oximeters, end-tidal CO2 analyzers, respiratory effort measuring devices, sleep testing and NIV.
    1.68 Coordinate with DME company to assist in the management of patients home regimen (discharge preparedness).
    1 .7 Complies with regulatory requirements for patient care and environment of care.
    When assignment dictates, Assesses patient''s pulmonary status employing basic skills, which include
    reviewing the medical chart, patient interview, physical examination, and interpretation of blood gases .
    Demonstrates proficiency and consistency with all assessment skills, including interpretation of x -ray and
    blood gases, RAW, CL graphic displays, etc. Demonstrates knowledge and interpretation of diagnostic
    procedures such as Sleep Testing, PPD, overnight oximetry, peak flow, arterial puncture, sputum induction. (Only applicable
    to those who work in inpatient respiratory care.)
    1 .4 Recognizes adverse reactions to diagnostic tests or medications and takes appropriate steps.
    Administers inhalation medications appropriately, assess patients and recognizes adverse reactions
    and takes appropriate steps.
  • 3. Tests, adjusts, and applies oxygen, aerosol and humidity, and other basic equipment appropriately
    demonstrating rudimentary knowledge of its operation to optimally support patients of all age-specific
    groups with common pulmonary pathologies. Demonstrates resourcefulness independently resolving
    routine clinical problems when appropriate.
    Organizes and prioritizes work to complete assignment in a timely, efficient manner. Utilizes time
    productively during work hours, taking initiative and responsibility to help other staff members complete
    assignments. Follows approved protocols as applicable (i.e ARDSnet, Pediatric Albuterol Wean,
    Spontaneous Breathing Trial, CTICU Extubation).
  • 4. Consistently utilizes hospital supplies and equipment in a cost-efficient manner. Uses equipment
    carefully to minimize breakage or damage. Helps identify equipment supply related cost saving ideas.
  • 5. Applies and troubleshoots equipment (ventilators, manual resuscitators, monitors, etc.) appropriately
    demonstrating knowledge of its operation. Recognizes the need to consult colleagues/supervisors to
    resolve clinical problems when appropriate. Provides guidance for and assists in bedside instruction of
    students in basic critical care techniques as requested by supervisor. Tests, monitors, applies and
    adjusts standard life-support equipment to optimally support patients in the critical care setting using
    graphics, patient assessment, and lab data.
  • 6. Assesses the cardiopulmonary status of the ventilator-dependent patients of all age-specific groups
    employing basic skills which include: obtaining patient history, evaluating ventilator data and weaning
    progress, physical examination and interpretation of blood gases. Suggests to physician/RN appropriate
    adjustment of therapy in response to assessment. Communicates assessment including hemodynamic
    data with intershift report. Demonstrates knowledge of common pulmonary disorders by applying
    respiratory care to meet patient needs.
  • 7. Calibrates and Maintains equipment used for diagnostic testing.
    Calibrates and maintains equipment, performing daily calibration and routine maintenance according to
    procedure. Applies and troubleshoots equipment appropriately, demonstrating knowledge of its
    operation and removes from service when necessary.
  • 8. Recognizes the need to consult others when troubleshooting fails.
    Applies infection control measures when performing tests including the use of disposable, single-patient
    use items when available. Disinfects equipment, using hospital approved disinfectant.
  • 9. Documentation and Written Communication: Contributes to effective communication within the department
    through documentation of services provided, changes in patients clinical status and therapeutic objectives.
  • 10. Identifies patients using hospital approved identifiers.
    Reviews patient schedules and verifies MD order for testing. Electronically records all tests completed
    via the appropriate EMR.
  • 11. Accesses Electronic Medical Record to enter scheduled medications given, retrieve patient data, review
    physician/LIP orders, and review Interdisciplinary Plan of Care. Reviews active RC orders routinely
    throughout shift to verify MD/LIP patient orders and to initiate/ adjust care appropriately.
  • 12. Always maintains patient confidentiality with documentation and other practices.
    Consistently reviews and utilizes YNHH email to keep informed of, meeting minutes, initiatives,
    department endeavors, announcements, and email communication from other YNHH staff.
  • 13. Does not lose, share or abuse access code reporting abuse of sign on code to supervisory staff 100% of
    the time and maintains written communication between staff of the patient ?s history and diagnosis.
    Self-Development, Professionalism and Leadership: Assumes responsibility for maintaining clinical
    competency through continuing education, professional growth and development.
  • 14. Assumes responsibility for professional self-development. Maintains membership in AARC and NBRC,
    or demonstrates other active participation in profession.
  • 15. Submits realistic, constructive self-assessment and goals to supervisor at least one month prior to
    review date and completes approved continuing education requirement (6 CEUs).
  • 16. Demonstrates a positive attitude toward the department and hospital. Supports departmental and
    interdepartmental Quality Improvement efforts. Completes all regulatory training and competencies in a
    timely fashion.

    Other information:


    Graduation from an accredited program of Respiratory Care, current active license by the State of Connecticut as a
    Respiratory Care Practitioner, NBRC Registration. NBRC Sleep Disorder Specialist Credential and RPFT credential preferred .


    Minimum of two years experience as a Respiratory Therapist; experience in Pulmonary Function and Sleep Medicine, preferred.


    Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner


    Competent in the basic operation and application of pulmonary function and basic respiratory care equipment .
    Excellent oral and written communication, ability to communicate with patients, families, physicians, and other team
    members. Excellent organizational and mathematical skills. Ability to work under stressful conditions. Excellent
    interpersonal skills. Computer literacy.

    Responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of work assignment while working independently. Maintains accurate
    and complete documentation. Accountable for the proper application of physician prescribed therapeutic and
    diagnostic techniques, especially when using complex diagnostic equipment. Safeguards the confidentiality of
    patients and families. Complies with regulatory and hospital standards.

    In personal and job-related decisions and actions, consistently demonstrates the values of integrity (doing the right
    thing), patient-centered (putting patients and families first), respect (valuing all people and embracing all differences),
    accountability (being responsible and taking action), and compassion (being empathetic).
    Independently solves problems and consults others as needed. Manages and maintains complex equipment .
    Assesses patients with complex diagnoses, including blood gas and hemodynamic status interpretation. Ability to
    consult and advise physicians/nurses on diagnostic testing and non-invasive . Ability to enter and retrieve patient data via electronic
    medical record.

    Must be able to lift 40 pounds.

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    Job Info

    Job: 2008

    Department: Sleep Study North Haven
    Category: Technologist/tech
    Sub Category: OTHER
    Status: Full Time
    Shift: DAYS
    Hours: 40.00