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New Haven, CT
Dec 19, 2018


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.


Under the direction of the Exec Director of System Pharmacy Services, the Director, Clinical Pharmacy Services/Formulary Managment will provide leadership, strategic direction and goal planning for all medication formulary and clinical aspects of the medication use processes,e.g. medication use protocols, guidelines and overall utilization of medications that promote evidenced based practices, cost and value tenets and safe utilization of medications throughout the YNHHS. Provide oversight of professional activities of clinical pharmacists to provide standardization of the role and provide expertise to clinical integration throughout the system and YNHHS affiliates. Oversight of CMS core measures and pay for performance measures and bundled payment programs with pharmacy impact throughout the system. Provide oversight of the residency program (ASHP accredited) in order to expand clinical and administrative rotation opportunities throughout the system. Works collaboratively with all the Directors of Pharmacy Services within the YNHHS and network systems/hospital/practices to provide oversight and leadership. Is a liaison with medical and nursing leadership for drug utilization and patient quality outcomes matters.

  • 1. Clinical Services and Drug Utilization Management
  • 1.1 Established and maintains a YNHHS Medication Formulary. Supports the processes of the individual
    hospital P&T Committees and serves as an advisor in this regard.. Oversees the process of
    integration of local P&T committee recommendations with decision ready recommendations for the
    Formulary Integration Committee (FIC) for the System. Is an active participant in FIC.
  • 1.2 Develops and directs clinically oriented pharmacy services which ensures safe, evidenced based, and
    value based medication therapies in both the inpatient and outpatient arenas. Ensure that there is
    clinical service integration and enhanced efficiencies across the system. Plan for and execute
    pharmacy clinical services that support the goals and objectives of the YNHHS in the continued
    expansion of clinical integration as key to our partners. Oversees clinical pharmacy leadership at
    each network in this regard.
  • 1.3 Manages the clinical services and all coordinator/specialist staff to ensure effective and cost-efficient
    formulary management. Involved with planning and execution of staff development programs,
    inservice education, and competency assessment of staff on performance, behavioral, drug utilization,
    safety and regulatory issues.Improve patient outcomes by identifying opportunities to improve clinical
    quality of medication use through appropriate prescribing and monitoring that minimizes/mitigates
    patient risk and/or enhances ability to meet quality outcomes/core measures.
  • 1.4 In cooperation with the medical staff, improve patient outcomes by identifying opportunities to improve
    clinical quality of medication use through appropriate prescribing and monitoring that
    minimizes/mitigates patient risk and/or enhances ability to meet quality outcomes/core measures.
  • 1.5 Manages clinical pharmacy staff that are dedicated to these formulary management and drug
    utilziation activities as well as clinical services.
  • 1.6 Actively participates in benchmark data to facilitate best practices in formulary managment and
    identify opportunties for cost and value improvement
  • 1.7 Actively involved with physician engagement through networking, committee involvement
    Strives for standardization of medication management across YNHHS , incorporating policy, protocol
    and guideline oversight
  • 2. Academic Affiliation and Education Managment
  • 2.1 Participates in the educational affiliations with external academic institutions. Identifies targets for and
    participates in in-service education for medical, nursing, pharmacy and support staff aimed at
    improving quality, safety and value outcomes
  • 2.2 Aid residency program directors with coordination of accreditated PGY1 and PGY2 residency
    programs for opportunties across the system and develop advanced opportunties for clinical and
    administrative rotations
  • 2.3 Assures advanced skill and knowledge levelss and ongoing competencies of all clinical pharmacy staff in order to provide safe, effective and quality drug therapies for patients.
  • 3. Fosters open inter- and intradepartmental communication between staff and managers. Participates in
    departmental, organizational and health system committees related to safety, quality and compliance performance
    as directed by the Director, Pharmacy Services.
  • 4. Is responsible for enforcing and complying with all institutional and departmental policies and procedures .
    Works to pharmacy standardization of these polices and standard operating procedures across the system.
  • 5. Administers human resources policies and procedures in accordance with YNHHS policies.
  • 6. Complies with all aspects of the YNHHS Service Excellence program. Demonstrates professionalism in all
    activities, as measure by a concern for patient care, the ability to listen /cooperate, showing flexibility under
    stress, the ability to help others, and the ability to set and achieve goals.
  • 7. Manage drug reduction targets across YNHHS pharmacies by monitoring drug utilization, identifying
    opportunities for improvement, and initiating cost avoidance programs to achieve planned savings and /or
    cost avoidance. Strategically plan future drug reduction targets through drug forecast, volume, and
    inflationary projections.
  • 8. Establish a process/plan for development of leadership positions and increased staff engagement that
    improves communications, builds teamwork, and optimizes job functions to maximize efficiency.
  • 9. Coordinates the active participation of the System Pharmacy Services in the Northeast Purchasing Coilition .
    Be an active participant on behalf of YNHHS in decisions and data review for the NPC. As a service
    provider for NPC, manages the Manager of Pharmacy Services for NPC. Works collaboratively with VHA,
    inc. on this co-managed intiative and aligns the NPC and YNHHS goals and objectives for drug therapy
    utilziation and contracting as required.
  • 10. Defines strategic objectives for Clinical Pharmacy Services that incorporate the YNHHS and NEMG goals
    and objectives to provide clinical integration that will include pharmacy services and supports the tenets of
    population health
  • 11. Communicates the strategic objectives of services, action plans, timelines, human resource issues and
    staff concerns, and barriers to success to the Executive Director on a regular basis.
  • 12. Oversight of Value Based Purchasing and pay for performance measures that are drug related. Coordinate pharmacy services involvement across the system to allow for better efficiency with use of resources. Overall improve performance in this regards for YNHHS
  • 13. Key liaison with medical, nursing, financial and administrative leadership of YNHHS and the clinical integration partners in regards to clinical services and formulary management.
  • 14. Works Collaboratively with all Directors of Pharmacy and key medical, nursing and administrative leads throughout the YNHHS and network affiliates to ensure strategies, goals and objectives and processes are aligned.

    Other information:


    Advanced Degree of Pharmacy from a College of Pharmacy accredited by the American Council on pharmaceutical Education and Advanced Degree in Pharmacy (Pharm D) and an advanced healthcare and/or business degree (e.g. MHA, MPH, MBA).


    Five (5) to ten (10) years'' hospital pharmacy experience, five (5) years in a managerial/administrative capacity; and at least two (2) years experience as Director/Associate Director. Preference to candidates who have managerial experience at an Academic Medical Center and/or Health System. . Completion of ASHP accredited or equivalent residency program strongly preferred.


    Eligible for CT pharmacist license.


    Excellent administrative, professional and fiscal management skills. Understands pharmacy practice standards and regulatory requirements. Strong verbal and written communication, project management, problem solving and negotiating skills are essential. Excellent analytical skills.

    To maintain the highest professional standards for the delivery of safe and efficient medication preparation and delivery. The position Is responsible for monitoring the financial impact of the drug utilization targets throughout YNHHS and provides financial variance reports in concert with other members of the pharmacy management team. Ensures clinical pharmacy services are of high quality, ensure safe drug utilization and are best practice.

    Interacts with clinical, operational and financial leadership of the YNHHS. Designs, recommends and implements a variety of programs which ensure drug accuracy and safety. Provides ongoing staff development to all applicable personnel with drug utilziation and guidelines. Advises hospital administration in matters relating to pharmacy clinical initiatives. The position requires the ability to apply new ideas, knowledge and skills gained from experience and education to current situations. A thorough knowledge of contemporary standards of pharmacy practice is required.

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