Virology Processing Associate, Per Diem

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New Haven, CT
Feb 12, 2019


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.

Job Summary: Performs a variety of clerical duties necessary for the accurate and timely reporting of patient information for the Virology Lab.

  • 1. Procures specimens from central departmental facility and ensures their delivery to the Virology laboratory on a consistent basis. Adjusts frequency of specimen pickup as necessary to reflect seasonal and volume related demands. Accurately accessions specimens according to established protocols and amends the specimen to ensure that any appropriate reflex testing is performed.
  • 2. Accurately processes viral serology specimens according to established protocols. Consistently guarantees that specimen volumes are adequate for testing that is requested. Closely follows good practices to ensure the accuracy of specimen processing. Is knowledgeable of the various speeds and times specimen must be centrifuged to ensure that specimens are not compromised due to processing errors. Is able to recognize specimens or conditions that are suboptimal and may compromise patient testing. Always follows established safety protocols and guidelines when handling patient specimens.
  • 3. Maintains a working knowledge of the various reference laboratories currently used by the Virology laboratory. Understands specimen requirements for the various assays. Completes all paperwork required by the reference laboratory in a clear and concise manner. Ensures that specimens are appropriately packaged for shipping and that specimens are shipped or picked up without any unnecessary delay. Documents receipt of report from the reference laboratory, provides report to manager/supervisor, and accurately enters data (if appropriate).
  • 4. Answers calls to the Virology laboratory within 4 rings and is able to simultaneously handle multiple calls. Projects a positive, helpful image via the telephone and earnestly attempts to provide helpful information to the customer in a courteous manner. Is fluent in all of the various databases currently in use, not only within the department, but those used throughout the hospital, if appropriate. Strictly adheres to all departmental and hospital guidelines governing patient confidentiality. Follows appropriate guidelines regarding ordering additional testing on specimens previously received and consistently documents this event.
  • 5. Distributes reports to various customers using a variety of mechanisms including mail, fax, and courier. Ensures that reports are sent in an appropriate fashion and that all HIPAA guidelines are followed at all times. Promptly and courteously addresses requests for additional copies of patient reports.
  • 6. Working under the supervision of the laboratory manager and section coordinator, orders various supplies and reagents used by the laboratory. Maintains a strong understanding of the various electronic systems currently in use for purchasing. Effectively tracks outstanding purchasing issues so to ensure supply availability to testing personnel. Ensures that all supplies used in the accessioning, processing, and laboratory cleaning are maintained at par levels at all times.
  • 7. Files all laboratory records according to established guideline in a timely manner. Records should be stored in such a fashion that data is retrievable with a minimum delay. Ensures that items designated for record storage are periodically rotated so that space is available for the storage of new records. Maintains a working knowledge or records stored off-site and assists in the management of these records.
  • 8. Works with the laboratory manager and the departmental secretary to compile data required for filling of significant finding reports to both local and state health departments. Works witht he departmental secretary to ensure that these reports are accurately and promptly completed and reported.
  • 9. Washes and decontaminates all glassware used by the laboratory. Ensures that this is done on a frequent basis so that clean, sterile, glassware is always available. Autoclaves various items required by testing personnel. Performs and documents quality control testing on washing and autoclaving process to establish confirm adequacy of methods.
  • 10. Participates in various departmental activities as required for the efficient and effective operation of the department as a whole. This includes (but is not limited to ) collecting and distributing departmental payroll checks, reconcile patient billing issues, and verifying and coordinating the payment of invoices received from reference laboratories.

    Other information:

    High school graduate or equivalent. Some specialize post-high school training preferred.

    A minimum of 5 years experience in a clinical laboratory setting. A minimum of 2 years experience in a Microbiology/Infectious Disease setting preferred.

    Ability to follow established protocols related to specimen processing. Ability to quickly gain a working understanding of the various methods used in a diagnostic virology setting. Excellent customer service skills related to both telephone and interpersonal interactions with staff and customers. Ability to multitask without a concomitant reduction in quality of work is essential as well as the ability to prioritize in this setting. Data entry and a working knowledge of computer systems is essential.

    Reports to the Virology Laboratory Manager. Is responsible for retrieving and accessioning Virology specimens, processing viral serology specimens according to various predetermined protocols, referring esoteric tests (includes specimen processing, arranging specimen transport, assisting in report data entry, and verification of invoices received from reference lab), responding to telephone inquiries pertaining to Virology-related subjects, ordering supplies using either computer interfaces or telephone-based systems, completing billing process for specimens that were not billed by the routing mechanism, washing and sterilizing glassware used in the laboratory, distribution of Virology reports by various means.

    Describe planning, problem solving, decision making, creative activity, or other special factors inherent in the responsibilities of this position) In the context of performing the various responsibilities, is expected to ensuring appropriate information is provided on requisitions, including diagnosis and patient consent (if required) and independently resolving cases where documentation is insufficient, accurately processes patient specimens according to standard operating protocols and is able to recognize when specimen integrity or appropriateness is questionable, maintain a current, working understanding of the various acceptable specimen types required for testing and the volumes required to perform these tests, resolving issues related to supply procurement including interaction with various vendors, purchasing, and receiving personnel, working effectively with the customer to answer specimen or laboratory-related questions in a timely manner and determining when various issues need to be referred to supervisory staff or another appropriate individual.
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    Job: 1269

    Department: Virology Lab
    Category: Technologist/tech
    Sub Category: LABORATORY MED
    Status: Per Diem
    Shift: AS NEEDED
    Hours: 0.00