Clinical Manager - Dept. of Surgery

New Haven, CT
Oct 26, 2018


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.
The Clinical Program Manager is responsible for oversight and supervision of clinical operations and practices in outpatient practices and hospital sites, ensuring
achievement of the YNHH strategic objectives and mission in the field ,patient service, teaching, research, and community service. Reporting to the Director and working in partnership with the Surgical Site Director ,
he/she ensures compliance with provider-based regulations, exceptional clinical standards of practice, and efficient and cost -effective operations, promotes a culture of safe and exemplary patient and family -centered
care, and facilitates the conduct of community based-clinical research.
  • 1.1. Serves as a visible leader to staff and physicians; holds self and others accountable for
    demonstrating YNHH core values.
  • 1.2. Acts as a YNHH ambassador in the community, promoting the Surgical Services to all customers by
    interpreting and communicating the program's mission and values, acting as a loyal,
  • 1.3. Meets regularly with other Surgical administrative and clinical program leaders to ensure ambulatory
    alignment of program objectives, goals, standards, practices and priorities.
  • 1.4. Meets regularly with leadership at other satellites and hospitals.
  • 1.5. Partners with physicians to ensure execution of shared objectives, goals and
    priorities related to service and care delivery.
  • 1.6. Develops a team of highly skilled professionals who are effectively utilized and engaged in
    the delivery of high quality patient/family centered care that is aligned with Surgical Services mission, goals and
  • 1.7. Meets regularly with staff to promote engagement and effective communication of
  • 1.8. Facilitates problem resolution and actively serves on committees for problem solving; represents the SRC Ambulatory Surgical Services
  • 1.9. Identifies and communicates opportunities for collaboration with other departments and the medical
    staff; creates an environment conducive to teamwork.
  • 1.10. Participates in implementing strategic efforts by influencing leadership and championing projects
    the program, allocating resources, and utilizing project management skills
  • 1.11. Collaborates with other internal professionals to define, reduce, and eliminate barriers within the
    which may negatively impact patient care.
  • 1.12. Ensures that desired clinical services are rendered through timely, coordinated, multidisciplinary, cost
    effective and efficient processes; facilitates patient movement and information sharing .
  • 1.13. Achieves seamless delivery of service by appropriately involving colleagues, physicians, other
    customers, and staff to ensure commitment, communication and cross functional linkage.
  • 1.14. In collaboration with Surgical leadership and relevant departments, develops customer relations
    reflecting excellence consistent with Hospital and University policy for internal/external customers
  • 1.15. Ensures that program leadership effectively models and upholds a customer service orientation with
    to meet the legitimate needs of all internal and external customers.
  • 1.16. Serves as leader to facilitate collaboration of clinical staff with pharmacy, labs, business and other
  • 2.1. Ensure that desired clinical services are rendered through timely, coordinated, multidisciplinary,
    cost effective and efficient processes.
  • 2.2. Achieve seamless delivery of service by appropriately involving colleagues, physicians, other
    and staff to ensure commitment, communication and cross functional linkage.
  • 2.3. Collaborates with practice management and administrative staff to ensure that operations in each
    network site are efficient and consistent with sound clinical practice standards and process
  • 2.4. Develops customer service standards reflecting excellence consistent with hospital policy for
    internal/external customers in collaboration with medical leadership and appropriate departments;
    ensures network leadership effectively models and that all staff are held accountable for adhering to
    the established standards.
  • 2.5. In conjunction with SRC Ambulatory Surgical Services and Network leadership, develops and implements processes to collect
    satisfaction data from patients and physicians.
  • 2.6. Collaborates in developing and implementing clinical databases and processes which achieve
    strategically relevant quality outcomes and data useful for clinical research and education.
  • 2.7. Identifies and analyzes trends in satisfaction, quality outcomes, and practice excellence using data to
    guide systematic change in program practices.
  • 3.1. Provides vision and leadership to staff in a collaborative environment that offers job satisfaction,
    recognition, and stimulates innovative thinking to accomplish goals and objectives.
  • 3.2. Ensures appropriate number of qualified staff at each site in order to provide safe and high quality
    care and that all non-physician personnel have appropriate orientation, education and certifications
    required to provide exceptional patient/family care
  • 3.3. Implements and actively supports the integration of change through open communication and use of
    change management skills.
  • 3.4. Ensures that all staff are held accountable for adhering to established performance and customer
    relations standards
  • 4.1. Participates in development of and manages the network operating budget in a manner that ensures
    delivery of cost-effective, high quality care at clinical care sites through-out the YNHH Network.
  • 4.2. Works with SRC Ambulatory Surgical Services leadership and financial administrators within the Hospital and the Network to
    coordinate the overall budget.
  • 4.3. Monitors and develops comprehensive analysis for financial and programmatic recommendations for
    medical and administrative network leadership.
  • 4.4. Ensures that required resources are readily available (e.g. staff, technology) to meet program
    and reflect staff and physician input.
  • 4.5. Ensures that all services are in compliance with accreditation and regulatory guidelines and
    achieves and maintains a state of readiness for all state, national and federal inspections/accreditation
    site surveys as required by law.
  • 4.6. Monitors and consistently maintains compliance with regulatory requirements, including TJC, DPH
    other regulatory bodies.
  • 5.1. Partners with SRC Surgical Site Director and other leadership staff to develop/implement systems for
    monitoring network site performance and ensuring adherence to established SRC Ambulatory Surgical Services standards of care.
  • 5.2. Identifies and analyzes trends in satisfaction, quality outcomes, and practice excellence using data to
    guide systematic change to improve or enhance program practices.
  • 5.3. Establishes metrics and processes for, monitors, and regularly reports network-related patient
    satisfaction, patient care quality and safety data; collaborates with others at SRC/NEMG and in practices to
    implement improvements in processes designed to achieve superior outcomes.

    Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing required. MSN preferred. Current Connecticut State RN Nursing licensure and /or eligibility for
    Connecticut State RN licensure required

    Three (3) to five (5) years clinical practice experience required. Two(2) to four (4) years of demonstrated
    leadership/supervisory/management experience required. Four(4) years of relevant functional area experience

    Current CT RN Licensure

    Strong communication and management skills. Must be proficient with microsoft packages such as electronic
    spread sheets, data base management packages and word processing.Ability to direct a diverse work force in a twenty-four hour per day operational environment. Ability to manage and
    remain effective with multiple priorities. Excellent communication skills. Excellent clinical skills. Knowledge of
    and proficient in the operation and use of computer-based information systems, to facilitate all aspects of care
    delivery. Knowledgeable of Quality Improvement processes, and capable of implementing concepts. Ability to
    implement and support change required.
    Coordinates and directs the activities of the staff through supervision. Ensures that established policies and
    procedures are being followed and that registration/clerical activities are conducted in a timely and accurate
    manner. Ensures proper handling of patients, families and physicians. Maintains a positive public image for the
    Hospital on the part of Registration staff. Monitors the work activities of all staff reporting to them.
    Provides orientation and direction to the staff. Participates in the selection of new personnel. Evaluates employee
    performance. Works with other departments to improve procedures. Exercises tact and diplomacy when dealing
    with physicians and external departments to establish procedures and to identify and resolve problems. Reviews
    daily patient volume to determine complexity and payor mix in order to plan for system changes. Coordinates the
    smooth operation of all areas of responsibility.

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    Job: 2279

    Department: Dept of Surgery
    Category: Mgmt/leadership
    Sub Category: CLINICAL
    Status: Full Time
    Shift: DAYS
    Hours: 40.00