Laboratory Associate (Per Diem)

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New Haven, CT
Jan 7, 2019


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.

Laboratory Associates work in the core laboratory as part of a team with Medical Technologists and report to laboratory coordinators, assistant chief technologists and lab managers. Is responsible for handling and processing blood specimens and body fluids to include: accessioning, centrifugation, decapping, loading of instrument cassettes and routing specimens to the appropriate area. Is responsible to accurately log specimens into the laboratory information system. Provides a variety of office functions to include: scanning, filing, faxing and mailing patient reports. Works effectively with the customer to answer specimen or other laboratory related questions in a timely manner to ensure the best patient care. Is responsible for data entry and retrieval.

  • 1. Communication Skills/Customer Service: Receives calls for information. Transmits results for all laboratory testing to the appropriate healthcare team members on request to ensure that the laboratory fulfills the mission of providing excellent patient care while maintaining patient confidentiality.?
  • 1.1 Demonstrates good customer service by answering the phone within three (3) rings with name, department, and ''How may I help you?'' Always asks permission of caller to be placed on hold. Receives no more than 2 relevant complaints from our customers.
  • 1.2 Retrieves and reports patient data, current and archived, using appropriate medical terminology. Exceeds: Familiar with medical terminology in all areas of laboratory medicine, and offers assistance to others.
  • 1.3 Communicates sample and collection requirements to healthcare workers, physicians, and outreach clients. Articulates information as outlined in the Laboratory Test Manual. Exceeds: Acts as a resource to others.
  • 1.4 Using all available resources, independently resolves phone inquiries within scope of expertise, recognizing when issues should be referred to technical or supervisory staff. Exceeds: Increases scope of expertise and serves as a resource to others.
  • 1.5 Appropriately assists in critical value phone calls to ensure minimal delays in reporting clinically significant results. Provides appropriate documentation of notification of physicians, nurses, or other designated personnel.
  • 1.6 Adheres to laboratory policies governing confidentiality and legal issues. Documents the release of patient information to the appropriate requesters as per laboratory policy.
  • 1.7 Ensures appropriate coverage of the phones at all times. Effectively manages and prioritizes telecommunications by organizing workload to ensure 100% phone coverage. Exceeds: Ability to handle multiple phone calls effectively.
  • 1.8 Recognizes that the telephones are used for business purposes only and that personal phone calls should be for emergencies.
  • 2. Specimen Handling: Receives, sorts, accessions, and processes specimens in order to ensure timely reporting of results. Ensures positive patient identification. Is able to independently troubleshoot specimen-related problems.
  • 2.1 Follows the established sample handling guidelines and standard precautions. Sorts specimens by specimen type and prepares specimens for plating. Exceeds: No more than 2 sample processing errors. No sample processing errors which relate to correct patient identification.
  • 2.2 Examines all requisitions to ensure that all necessary information is available. Investigates illegible or missing data. Exceeds: Acts as resource to others in troubleshooting problems.
  • 2.3 Follows basic procedures for monitoring specimen integrity. Exceeds: Develops expertise in troubleshooting specimen integrity.
  • 2.4 Plates specimens to appropriate media following accepted guidelines to facilitate growth. Exceeds: Less than 2 sample processing errors.
  • 2.5 Prepares slides from samples and correctly stains slides to provide preliminary laboratory findings. Exceeds: Completes staining in a timely fashion so preliminary information is available for customers without delay on a regular basis.
  • 3. Computer Skills: Uses computer programs in laboratory and hospital based systems to ensure accurate data entry and retrieval. Recognizes and addresses problems, malfunction, downtime situations or crashes. Communicates and/or assists computer operations to resolve problems as documented by computer operations, managers and supervisors.
  • 3.1 Uses all computer based systems. Recognizes malfunctions and communicates problems to computer operations. Exceeds: Ability to resolve problems independently.
  • 3.2 Follows downtime procedures to ensure continued processing of samples and reporting information. Exceeds: Implements and leads coworkers during computer downtimes.
  • 3.3 Uses computers including internet, only for hospital business in accordance with Yale-New Haven Hospital policy B:16 ''Electronic Communications''.
  • 3.4 Logs out of the computer system at the end of a task to ensure proper security is maintained.
  • 3.5 Performs basic operator functions for office equipment (fax machines, copiers and computer printers). To include: operation, maintenance and basic troubleshooting. Exceeds: Performs more complex troubleshooting with a greater degree of independence.
  • 4. Laboratory Support Functions: Performs a variety of ancillary functions in support of laboratory operations.
  • 4.1 Prepares the physician copies of reports for mailing, verifies the accuracy of the name and address. Exceeds: Corrects all inaccurate physician labels.
  • 4.2 Sorts and delivers reports as per established laboratory policy, reprinting any reports if necessary to ensure timely forwarding of results.
  • 4.3 Delivers outgoing departmental mail to the hospital mail room. Retrieves, sorts, and delivers the incoming mail to the appropriate individuals.
  • 4.4 Responsible for faxing reports to authorized healthcare providers. Completes required documentation in accordance with departmental policy and compliance guidelines. Exceeds: Works with Computer Operations to update fax information.
  • 4.5 Keeps current with procedures for handling information from reference laboratories. Exceeds: Maintains the file of reference laboratory information.
  • 4.6 Responsible for the inventory of clerical and general laboratory supplies, using available inventory systems, guaranteeing uninterrupted service without STAT orders. Exceeds: Can use available resources to investigate and resolve inventory control issues.

    Other information:

    High school graduate. Associate degree or college-level coursework is preferred.

    Two (2) to three (3) years experience working as a lab aide or in an equivalent setting is preferred.

    Reports to the laboratory manager. Responsible for adhering to policies and procedures of Laboratory Medicine as it relates to maintaining quality, safety and ethical work practices. Strict adherence to all safety policies including blood borne pathogens.

    Responsible for receiving, sorting, accessioning, redirecting and processing of specimens in order to ensure timely reporting of results. Responsible to accurately log specimens into the laboratory information system. Ensures positive patient identification. Is able to independently troubleshoot specimen-related problems including those of the pneumatic tube system. Determines which problems need to be triaged/referred to the laboratory manager or appropriate person. Works effectively with customer to answer specimen or other laboratory related questions in a timely manner to ensure the best patient care.

    No special working demands.
    Standing 50 %, walking 15%, lifting 25 lbs. and the opening and closing of sample carriers. Working knowledge of computer systems and medical terminology helpful. Typing experience required (20-25 wpm). Excellent customer service skills required to include: communication skills, telephone skills and interpersonal skills. Excellent attention to detail is a must. Must be able to perform multiple tasks and have the ability to prioritize. Flexibility in scheduling will be required.
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