Clinical Materials Coord LM

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New London, CT
Nov 16, 2018


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.
The Clinical Materials Coordinator is responsible for the materials management function in the operating room. Responsibilities also include participation in financial budget performance review, charge capture, new technology, schedule forecasting, vendor compliance, ordering of specialty supplies, backorder/recall management, and support of the Peri-op team in materials related matters. Oversee all cost saving projects via statistics and report management. Responsible for trialing new products/equipment and assuring availability of such products /equipment. Ability to review budget variance report and the cost associated with new products (OR supplies and/or implants). Maintain close communication with the OR Nurse Manager and staff regarding materials related topics. Ability to support the department based on its materials related needs. Ability to cover the Clinical Materials Management department independently in collaboration with other support staff (sub-contracted or in-house).

1. Supply Chain Operations & OR Materials Management 1.1 Responsible for the purchase, storage, inventory and distribution of materials in the Operating Room. Devises and implements a system which assures that supplies and equipment are readily available, organized in good order for patient care. Reviews monthly computerized supply list for errors and rectifies errors and omissions on time.
1.2 Responsible for ordering all supplies (including specialty supplies) including the OR-Surgical inventory in SPD. Manage backorders and find replacements/subs when necessary. Oversees the receiving and stocking of all supplies and implants that are delivered according to procedures.
1.3 Oversee all recall notifications and take action when required. Process returns as appropriate.
1.4 Evaluation of products (new and existing) for proper use, improved product, cost saving opportunities. Defines opportunities for cost reduction that can be achieved through standardization or utilization changes. Collaborates with physicians, purchasing and contracting in negotiating contracts for supplies, equipment and services in the Perioperative Department.
1.5 Coordinates development of department capital equipment and annual submission per defined timeline and process.
1.6 Monitors and processes requisitions for all repairs. Informs staff and surgeons of equipment/ instrumentation out for repair, loaners and substitutes. Coordinates with Bio-engineering to clear loaner equipment for use as required in the OR.
1.7 Responsible for specialty equipment/ product meetings in collaboration with OR Educator. Ensures that all staff is informed in a timely fashion of all new products, substitutions and equipment including their location, availability and par locations.
1.8 Coordinates the ordering, receipt and sequester for day of surgery, special order implants or other non-stock product as required, to include breast implants, bone and tissue products etc.
1.9 Responsible for the management of the inventory control system (QSight).
1.10 Manages the new technology/ new product request process for new items or equipment requested by physicians.
1.11 Responsible for updating bin locations in EPIC system.
1.12 Run daily reports for implant utilization from the previous day's cases. Orders replacement implants to replenish the implants used the previous day to keep them up to par level.
1.13 Actively participates and cooperates in nursing administrative projects designed to meet the requirements of TJC as it applies to materials. Demonstrates leadership and is responsible for keeping informed and assuring compliance with TJC recommendations related to products and equipment.
1.14 Facilitates the development of materials management business plans for new surgeon recruits.
1.15 Manages Vendor Bill Only program at L&M and Pequot. Responsible for approving and submitting all invoices from vendors.
1.16 Coordinate transportation of emergency supplies/implants required for a surgical procedure
1.17 Responsible for the application of new Lawson number requests
1.18 Oversee inventory cycle counts and involvement in maintaining inventory par levels.
1.19 Collaborate with Blood Bank to manage the documentation and tracking of all bone and tissue, keeping in compliance with Joint Commission standards and requirements.
1.20 Devises and implants a system which assures that supplies and equipment are readily available, organized in good order for patient care.

2. OR Scheduling 2.1 Reviews the OR case schedule for future cases that may require special needs such as equipment, implants, supplies, etc. Attend daily OR/SPD huddle, where they review the schedule for the upcoming week.
2.2 Follows up in processing and coordinating order and receipt of specialty and/ or non-stock product as identified at huddle

3. Financial Responsibilities 3.1 Operates the unit within budgetary constraints as indicated by the Budgetary Reports being with 5% variance of the budgeted amount (variances will be reviewed in the context of volume)
3.2 Reviews the Budget Variance Report each month and re -directs any items that may have fallen into the incorrect expense account and provides written justifications for specific variances.
3.3 Responsible for reconciling the OR patient charges, reviewing for accuracy and completion. May need to speak with the circulator to confirm or verify if the patient documentation for charges of supplies/ implants is correct. Informs OR management of any consistent nursing documentation errors.
3.4 Collaborates with internal auditors when investigating process claims.
3.5 Collaborates with charge master analysts regarding discrepancies with patient billing
3.6 Participates on annual budget development with administration.
3.7 Participates in developing the yearly capital budget. Collaborating with the surgeons, administration, and staff to identify the needs of the Operating Room.
3.8 Submits capital requests via StrataJazz for review. Once approved submits requisition for purchase and coordinates receipt of capital. Then, turns it over the OR Nurse Educator for in- servicing the staff.
4. Operational Responsibilities 4.1 Participates in developing and meeting yearly goals which are congruent with the hospital's mission statement and for improving the professional activities of the unit.
4.2 Demonstrates the ability to motivate staff in participating in materials related projects and initiatives.
4.3 Monitor and track staff to adhere to materials management policy in regards to charge capture and proper utilization of the inventory tracking system.
4.4 Represents the Clinical Materials role at L+M and Pequot. Attends any Peri-Op meetings where CMM presence is required.
4.5 Investigates incidents and takes actions to correct problems or prevent future recurrence of similar incidents.
4.6 Addresses problems in regards to product/equipment needs for inter-operative care. Coordinates with Biomed and/or Vendor to assist in resolving issues related to products /equipment.
4.7 Supports Operating Room staff as it relates to materials. Specifically to charge capture documentation, use of inventory management system, new technology requests, and Doctor Preference Cards
4.8 Assists OR Educator with scheduling of in-services when necessary.
4.9 Generates occurrence or Incident reports appropriately to report supply/equipment deviations from policy or incidents that could cause potential harm to patients, visitors, or staff.
4.10 Investigates and takes action to correct supply/equipment related problems or prevent future recurrence of similar incidents.
4.11 Uses time efficiently. Organizes time so that tasks are accomplished and submitted on a timely basis.
4.12 Keeps OR management team informed of all unit activities, needs and problems as they relate to materials management.
4.13 Demonstrates problem solving skills by encouraging cooperation and professional collegiality with other departments in resolving unit or patient care conflicts.
4.14 Integrates and assures compliance of hospital, community, state and national policy or guidelines. 4.15
5. Answers the telephone professionally 5.1 Answers the phone promptly following department guidelines; introduces self and department and as appropriate, offers assistance. Uses a pleasant tone of voice.
5.2 Is a good listener, focuses on caller's needs, clarifies as necessary; follows through on the caller's requests
5.3 Uses the conference key to transfer calls; explains where the call is being transferred to and the extension for future use; gives information to the receiving department about the caller's needs; brings caller on-line and introduces them
5.4 Uses communication technology appropriately, (beepers, voice and email, intercoms, overhead pages, etc.).
6. Maintains a clean and safe environment 6.1 Keeps work area safe and clean and in constant state of regulatory compliance.
6.2 Corrects unsafe conditions if possible, or, reports them if assistance is required
6.3 Understands the safety codes and knows how to respond effectively. Knows the location of the Department Safety Manual and is familiar with its contents
6.4 Uses equipment correctly and reports problems promptly

Other information:
EDUCATION (number of years and type required to perform the position duties):
Bachelors Degree in Business, Healthcare Administration or related field & CMRP Designation* Required. Advanced Degree Preferred
EXPERIENCE (number of years and type required to meet an acceptable level of performance): 3-5 years of experience in logistics/ supply chain operations in healthcare environment.
Must have knowledge and skills with project management, ERP systems such as Lawson, and inventory management. Familiarity with operating room equipment, understanding of operating room products and their uses. Knowledge of the procurement process. Knowledge of materials management and supply chain operating and information systems. High level of proficiency and demonstrated effectiveness in analytical thinking and problem solving and implementing new programs related to increased departmental and organizational operating efficiency. Highly effective verbal and written communication skills. Ability to effectively manage assigned projects.
ACCOUNTABILITY (how this position is held accountable for such as goals achievement, budget adherence, or other areas of accountability):
Accountable for materials service delivery in 10 operating rooms at L&M and 4 at Pequot ensuring inventory optimization and availability including procurement, distribution, inventory organization, utilization capture, regulatory compliance and customer service delivery. Ensures product availability while minimizing carrying costs. Accountable for inventory management information systems and for internal procurement and distribution systems.
In personal and job-related decisions and actions, consistently demonstrates the values of integrity (doing the right thing), patient-centered (putting patients and families first), respect (valuing all people and embracing all differences), accountability (being responsible and taking action), and compassion (being empathetic).
COMPLEXITY (describe planning, problem solving, decision making, creative activity, or other special factors inherent in the responsibilities of this position):
Must possess a working and broad knowledge of supply chain, supply chain operations, and principles of inventory accounting and materials management. Knowledge of regulatory agencies their policies and practices particularly as related to management of explants, bone and tissue products and product recall management. Integration of supply functions with MIS, Purchasing, Internal Audit and hospital's Materials Management Departments.
AHRMM CMRP certification required or commit to successfully complete within one year of hire date
Moderate amount of walking. Moderate to heavy stress from scheduling, meetings, maintaining financial cost/benefit reports, and meeting deadlines. Helping lift heavy objects ten (10) to twenty (20) pounds. WORK ENVIRONMENT:
May be exposed to infectious diseases, hazardous waste and radiation.


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