Sr Accountant/Analyst Payroll

New Haven, CT
Feb 25, 2019


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.


Under the direction of YNHHS Finance Department, reporting to the Payroll Manager, this position is responsible for conducting routine and frequent financial analyses in support of YNHHS payroll departmental needs. Assist YNHHS payroll department with accounting, internal controls, data processing, other financial reporting issues, and day-to-day payroll analytical functions as assigned. Assignments are prioritized based on the needs of the department This position works in conjunction with the Payroll Manager/Supervisor and Payroll Coordinator to resolve any payroll and payroll related accounting matters in a way which results in an accurate resolution for a true and accurate payroll. This resolution process is performed in a manner that ensures the satisfaction of our customers through the proper and accurate performance of all payroll related duties. This responsibility includes performing analytical review of payroll output by performing queries and other analytics to produce error free payroll. This high level of responsibility means working with various departments, including but not limited to IT, HR, Benefits and Payroll team members, in a 100% respectful and professional manner. This also requires that the person performing the duties sees that each edit report is fully examined and all issues are resolved prior to proceeding with the process.

  • 1.1. Provides strategic support, internal control and compliance, planning, reporting evaluating, organizing techniques to provide payroll manage with valuable information necessary to effectively manage the Payroll department activities and ensure processing payments to tax authorities and employees
  • 1.2. Conducts weekly audits of Travel and Business expense reimbursements to ensure accuracy and compliance with YNHHS policy prior to final payroll processing for pay period.
  • 1.3. Conducts monthly/quarterly audits of employee garnishment orders for data entry accuracy and compliance
  • 1.4. Continuous audits for overall processing accuracy including a mixture of pay codes with corresponding workers' compensation codes. Audits W-4's and complies with IRS compliance letters. Audits vacation, Bereavement, Sick and PTO accruals to correctly correspond with policy. Exercises a great deal of attention to detail in order to accurately prepare and process payrolls.
  • 1.5. Support external auditors by providing required data extracts and other documentation. Ability to integrate other health system acquisitions in YNHHS's ERP system, as well as the ability to support legacy systems as needed.
  • 1.6. Assist in audits of all companies, as well as development of, and compliance with, payroll?s Enhanced Business Practice (EBP) documentation. Support external auditors by providing required data extracts and other documentation.
  • 1.7. Evaluates and implements new methods and practices to improve accuracy, ensure timely and accurate payment of wages to employees in accordance with YNHHS policies and improve customer service satisfaction and efficiency in the overall payroll processing improvements
  • 1.8. Assist with establishing and directing payroll internal controls with the emphasis on maintaining data integrity, security, as well as process design/compliance and improvements.
  • 1.9. Review and modify where necessary, the day-to-day payroll controls and processes in the department to insure the accuracy of all payroll data. This is done through verification and validation of processes to ensure true and accurate payroll input and output. Maintains and develops policies and procedures for Payroll department payroll processes on and off-cycle.
  • 2.1. Performs certain accounting duties to ensure efficient and accurate flow of information from Payroll to the G/L system. Generate biweekly general ledger payroll reports as well as quarterly payroll reports for submission to Accounting
  • 2.2. Research and reconcile any variances between payroll and accounting records.
  • 2.3. Prepare/review check requests associated with payroll processing as part of the payroll process. Analyzes all possible variances as they relate to taxes and/or deductions on payroll. This can include corrective journal entries or wires to outside vendors.
  • 2.4. Work with members of the payroll team, general accounting and other departments to resolve payroll related activities posted to the suspense account in a timely and accurate manner
  • 2.5. Regular preparation of relevant management reports, including bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and year-end payroll reports
  • 2.6. Assists the Payroll Manager in tracking error trends and determining effective corrective actions. Accurately computes PTO termination amounts, and other miscellaneous payments.
  • 2.7. Works with Payroll team members in all locations to provide support and guidance on payroll issues. Works with members of other departments (e.g., HR, Benefits, MIS) to fully update and utilize automated processes that forward the department goal of true and accurate payroll.
  • 2.8. Work with corporate accounting, tax, human resources and upper management to address matters relating to payroll services.
  • 3.1. Must be able to complete the payroll duties with an unflinching attention to detail, privacy, and self-control in extremely stressful situations and with complete respect for all involved.
  • 3.2. At all times is supportive to members of the Payroll department either by teaching, knowledge sharing or suggestion to ensure the completeness and accuracy of each payroll.
  • 3.3. Works diligently to ensure all data entry is processed within the pre-established Payroll deadlines and is reviewed for accuracy.
  • 3.4. This person is required to interact with outside agencies and vendors as assigned.
  • 3.5. Fully follows through on all research and 'owns' the process for resolving issues they have discovered.
  • 3.6. Works with all customers in a courteous, respectful, compassionate and professional manner to correct all payroll issues. This involves utilization of all available resources and communication of the issue and its' resolution to all effected parties.
  • 3.7. Performs other duties as assigned by Supervisor / Manager
  • 3.8. Must have working knowledge of computerized payroll systems and applicable payroll laws and regulations

    Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Accounting or related field required.

    Three (3) to Five (5) years accounting/finance experience with strong analytical skills.

    Must possess a working knowledge of personal computers and electronic spreadsheets. Must also have strong interpersonal skills and problem solving abilities.

    This position is responsible analyzing the activities of all System payroll functions. Develops, implements and administers all payroll policies, monitoring and maintaining the integrity of computer based systems and coordinating the implementation and operation of new payrolls as required. This individual will demonstrate ownership over the System payroll processes and related initiatives.

    This position is highly complex and requires the ability to anticipate the changing requirements of the payroll function. Must be able to operate in an environment with multiple customers and lines of accountability. The individual must be skilled at communication, including selecting the medium, audience, content, timing and depth of communications when delivering communications related to payroll.

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