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Feb 7, 2019


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.


Meeting Service excellence standards the Diagnostic Radiology Scheduler is responsible for timely,accurate and professional scheduling of Imaging procedures across all YNHH Imaging sites ensuring all clinical information, patient demographics, and physician demographics are documented . The position is also responsible for ensuring Medical necessity associated with ICD#9 codes have met 3 party payor guidelines for optiminum reimbursement .

  • 1. Provides accurate and timely Scheduling of All Outpatient Imaging requests
  • 1.1 Ensures exams are scheduled in the appropriate resource
  • 1.2 Ensures Signs and Symptoms have been appropriately documented
  • 1.3 Communicates PREPS associated with procedure scheduled with office or patient.
  • 1.4 Ensures all procedures are scheduled at the appropriate time of day/ day of the week
  • 2. Responds to incoming calls from the ACD system meeting productivity requirements related to number of calls , calls missed/refused etc.
  • 2.1 Identifies areas of individual improvement related to Call receives and handled
  • 2.2 Maintains identified call volume as established by Manager and Coordinator.
  • 2.3 Is mindful of call volume and uses breaks and log out times appropriately
  • 3. Ensures all Non Electronic Imaging requests are transcribed into the EMR and Hard copy requistions are scanned into the appropriate patient record
  • 3.1 Ensures all Non electronic orders are transcribed into EMR timely and accurately
  • 3.2 Ensures all E faxed orders are indexed accurately
  • 3.3 Provides and follows QA procedures related to matching exam ordered to Exam scheduled in EMR
  • 3.4 Ensures all e faxed orders are scanned/copied to the correct patient account in the EMR
  • 3.5 Ensures all information on the order is included at the time of transcribing into the EMR.
  • 4. Ensures patient and Physician demographics have been updated at the time of scheduling
  • 4.1 Identifies when physicians are NOT in the EMR data base and follows procedures to ensure results are accurately routed
  • 4.2 Updates patients demographics at the time of scheduling and accurately documents in EMR
  • 5. Meets productivity standards related to number of procedures scheduled as identified in EMR
  • 5.1 Monitors performance and productivity to ensure standards are consistently met
  • 5.2 Identifies when performance and productivity are below standards and offers enhancements to increase performance
  • 5.3 Monitors productivity related to orders within the EMR queue to be scheduled and uses time appropriately
  • 6. Follows performance guidelines and scripts related to phone etiquette
  • 6.1 Answers all calls professionally identifying self and department
  • 6.2 Does not engage in personal calls during "log in " time
  • 6.3 Appropriately logs into phone and EMR upon arrival to workspace
  • 7. Identifies and documents patient insurance and follows guidelines related to Pre Authorization notification
  • 7.1 Notifies PFAS/registration staff when exams are scheduled within 48 hours
  • 7.2 Identifies and documents additional information required to meet Medical necessity
  • 7.3 Follows guidelines within each modality and site related to same day/ next day scheduling
  • 8. Offers recommendations and /or QA initiative for improving team performance
  • 8.1 Identifies ways to improve telephone response times
  • 8.2 Identifies and implements employee morale events and initiatives
  • 8.3 Seeks ways to reduce abandoned call rates
  • 8.4 Identifies backlogs in scheduling imaging procedures

    Other information:


    Associate Degree and/or Equivalent direct experience in a Healthcare setting involving Scheduling, Coding, or Pre Certification required.


    3 years revelvant or equivalent experience in direct administrative clerical responsibilities in a Healthcare facility and/or office. Experience scheduling healthcare related appointments requiring clinical documentation and medical necessity as identified by 3 rd party payors.


    Excellent telephone communication, interpersonal and organization skills.. Must have the ability to quickly move through computer applications with accurate documentation and follow written and oral instructions . Ability to work professionally in a high volume environment remaining personable and calm. Must be flexible and willing to embrace change and a role model for service excellence. Good organizational and prioritization skills required to ensure appropriate coordination and collaboration when scheduling multiple appointments in multiple modalities.

    Individual is accountable for their performance and productivity related to incoming calls , appointments scheduled and clinical documentation, Is held accountable for accuracy related to imaging protocols, policies , resource utilization and Medical Necessity. Individual is also accountable for service excellence as identified by call QA monitoring and patient /physician feedback. Individual is held personally accountable for maintaing all QA processes related to scheduling, phone calls and scanning of requisitions. Accountable for maintaining productivity standards and consistency as identified by the team.

    Individual must be able to identify variances and inaccuracies related to exams being requested , patient signs and symptoms and 3rd party payor requirements and resolve where applicable. Must be able to identify and document incorrect physician ordering patterns related to exams requested and provide feedback to Imaging modality and physician offices. Must make decisions around exams ordered as it related to Medical necessity , pre authorization and 3 party payor requirements. Must have capacity and ability to resolve issues in real time as they arise. Individual must understand variances in Imaging equipment related to how procedures are scheduled IE: MRI 3 T vs. 1.5 T MRI , Bone Scan vs Bone Density, Screening vs Diagnostic imaging. . Is responsible for identifying Preps for imaging procedures and explains to patients/ physician offices to ensure quality imaging.

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    Job: 1606

    Department: Diag Radiology Business Svc
    Category: Admin Support
    Status: Full Time
    Shift: DAYS
    Hours: 40.00