HVC Interventional Tech I

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New Haven, CT
Apr 16, 2019


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.


Under the supervision of the Interventional Radiology Manager and/or Assistant Chief Technologist, performs a wide variety of technical and professional duties utilizing complex imaging equipment to produce quality IR images as requested for subsequent interpretation by the radiologist. All duties are performed according to departmental and organizational policies and procedures., Promotes service excellence in all interactions as outlined in the Key Behaviors in the YNHH Core Success Factors.

  • 1. Performs a wide variety of technical duties to ensure proper performance of imaging procedures utilizing angiography and other equipment.
  • 1.1. Properly sets up angiographic equipment so it is ready to function prior to the exam, including selecting correct accession number from the modality work list.
  • 1.2. Properly sets up ultrasound equipment so it is ready to function prior to the exam, including selecting correct accession number from the modality work list.
  • 1.3. Properly sets up ancillary equipment so it is ready to function prior to the exam (angiojet, laser, CT, etc-)
  • 1.4. Follows strict sterile techniques and policies to perform the set-up, patient prep and draping for all procedures and all equipment (CT, angiography, injectors, ultrasound, etc...) 100% of the time
  • 1.5. Loads and operates power injectors correctly.
  • 1.6. Conducts daily inspection of equipment to ensure proper function and compliance
  • 1.7. Reports and documents malfunctions immediately
  • 2. Produces high quality images during and after procedures to ensure proper anatomy is recorded for physicians to make a diagnosis.
  • 2.1. Verifies physician orders on requisitions prior to proceeding 100% of the time
  • 2.2. Correctly identifies patient 100% of the time
  • 2.3. Performs peripheral vascular and non-vascular exams according to procedure
  • 2.4. Performs neurovascular exams according to procedure
  • 2.5. Utilizes correct technical factors, patient positioning and annotation of images.
  • 2.6. Follows filming protocols to ensure correct viewing on PACS
  • 3. Ensures that all supplies required for individual procedures are available prior to and during exams in order to maximize patient safety and service efficiently.
  • 3.1. Supplies physicians with all disposable or other equipment to perform procedures.
  • 3.2. Takes action when supplies are low and alerts inventory analyst
  • 3.3. Cleans and maintains equipment used during procedure following infection control policies
  • 3.4. Reports defective supplies or failures to coordinator or designate. Retains product.
  • 3.5. Reports safety and environmental issues to the SRC and/or supervisor.
  • 3.6. Ensures work area is free of expired supplies or medications.
  • 4. Performs various clerical and record keeping functions utilizing the HIS, RIS, PACS, and procedure QA modules in order to maintain integrity and completeness of the patient record and billing.
  • 4.1. Ensures all cases are properly scheduled, started and completed in the RIS in a timely manner.
  • 4.2. Responsible for completing all tasks to ensure image storage/verification in PACS
  • 4.3. Accountable for exact patient charging through documentation of specific procedure technique, supplies and equipment used.
  • 4.4. Documents resource used, QC monitors, fluoro time, providers and other relevant information.
  • 4.5. Takes immediate action when unable to verify image storage in PACS or other systems
  • 5. Maintains a respectful and professional attitude with the entire staff involved in the department in order to ensure a smooth running service.
  • 5.1. Recognizes and performs duties to maximize team effort and patient throughput, such as room prep, restocking supplies, and offering assistance to others when own assignments are completed.
  • 5.2. Cleans equipment at the end of each case using infection control procedures.
  • 5.3. Projects an enthusiastic and positive attitude towards the job and coworkers.
  • 5.4. Is willing to adjust personal schedule and accommodate the unanticipated needs of the department and patient schedule when requested.
  • 5.5. Takes the initiative to assist all physicians, staff, patients and visitors.
  • 5.6. Sets up room and performs room turn around in and expeditious manner.
  • 6. Performs quality and compassionate patient care, utilizing appropriate age specific standards, in order to ensure patient cooperation, safety, and satisfaction
  • 6.1. Greets patients and introduces self and others to patients
  • 6.2. Explains the procedure to patients and answers questions to ensure physical and emotional comfort.
  • 6.3. Responsive to concerns of patients and families.
  • 6.4. Utilizes skin integrity and positioning aids for patients.
  • 6.5. Follows hand hygiene and other infection control policies.
  • 7. Utilizes proper safety measures during procedures for all people present in the room to ensure minimum physical risk for patients, self and staff.
  • 7.1. Wears lead apron during fluoroscopy
  • 7.2. Wears personal protection devices, ie. Gowns, gloves, masks, splash guards.
  • 7.3. Wears radiation badges for monitoring exposure
  • 7.4. Shields patients with coning and lead as allowable
  • 7.5. Follows proper body mechanics and utilizes lifting devices
  • 7.6. Utilizes skin integrity pads and other devices to protect patients
  • 8. Participates in various teaching and/or learning opportunities in order to further his/her own personal knowledge and to assist in expanding the knowledge of others
  • 8.1. Receptive to teaching new technologists, residents and student technologists.
  • 8.2. Maintains current CPR certification and keeps current with mandated hospital Healthstream training modules as recorded by supervisor/manager
  • 8.3. Participates in ongoing inservices and lectures on equipment, procedures or supplies.

    Other information:


    Graduation from an A.M.A. approved Radiologic Technology program. AS degree required,BS degree preferred.


    Demonstrated technical skills to meet entry level standards of routine IR imaging techniques and/or experience in complex diagnostic studies such as myelography, venography, biopsies, etc desirable.,
    At least 1 year experience in a hospital radiology department.,One-Two years experience in a hospital radiology department preferred. Experience in O.R., Biopsies or other
    invasive procedures desirable.
    Consideration is given to new graduates of accredited Special Procedures program.
    Cardiovascular Internventional experience preferred.


    RT(R) certification by the American Registry of, Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), (may not be on any type of probation). Vascular Interventional (VI) credentials preferred. Connecticut State License and CPR Certification.


    Proficient in routine IR imaging techniques, above average knowledge of computer / PACS applications, and good organizational and communication/customer service skills. Extensive understanding of anatomy and physiology is important.

    Must meet the performance expectations as defined in the IR Technologist 1 position description. Performance and competency will be assessed continually and reviewed annually by supervisor/manager. Any areas that are determined to be unsatisfactory will require additional training and re-evaluation within 90 days.

    Demonstrates planning and decision making skills necessary to manage a patient schedule with minimal assistance and utilize IR equipment efficiently. Active participant in clinical research and teaching and training of new technical staff and students.

    Must be able to lift 40 pounds to assist with patient transfers as well as stand and wear a lead apron for extended periods of time.

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    Job Info

    Job: 3049

    Department: HVC IR Labs YSC
    Category: Technologist/tech
    Sub Category: OTHER
    Shift: DAY/EVENING
    Hours: 40.00

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