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New Haven, CT
Jan 25, 2019


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.


The primary function of the Physician Assistant is to provide comprehensive medical care for the surgical
patient under the direct supervision of the attending physician of record. The PA will work collaboratively with the
multidisciplinary team to provide optimum care for patients on their assigned service. Clinical responsibilities will
be shared with the resident team and include: evaluating patients, entering patient care orders, performing
procedures, providing education, preparing patients for discharge and the communication and documentation of
all patient care activities. The goal of the Physician Assistant role is to provide continuity of care in order to
acheive optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

  • 1. Admit patients. Perform and document a complete history and physical examination. Enter appropriate
    information and orders into the CPOE system.
  • 2. Order and obtain necessary diagnostic tests including imaging studies and laboratory tests. Follow through
    on interpretation of results and communicate with team/attending physician.
  • 3. Request consultations from other services, and provide appropriate work up and follow through on
    recommendations, including communication to primary team.
  • 4. Participate in daily rounds on primary patients and consults when appropriate. Assist with implementing
    management plan as supervised by attending physician and in collaboration with team.
  • 5. Enter, review and update orders to include: rehabilitation services (physical, speech and occupational
    therapy), IV therapy and inpatient medications (except for chemotherapy and Schedule 1 controlled
    substances), restraints, discharge orders.
  • 6. Be accessible, available, and visible to staff (attending, resident, nursing, ancillary) to address patient
  • 7. Document pertinent patient information in the EMR including, but not limited to: progress, event, or transfer
  • 8. Perform procedures of core privileges, e.g. wound debridement and dressing changes, suturing and suture
    removal, minor burn care, arterial punctures, gastic lavage, I & D superficial abscesses, nasogastric tube
    placement, G tube replacement, administer local anesthesia
  • 9. Participate in formal handoff (sign in/sign out) with the healthcare team when beginning or ending a shift ,
    and enter relevant information into computer based sign out report (including discharge status).
  • 10. Deliver care in a professional manner in accordance with hospital and unit policies.
  • 11. Work to achieve efficient, cost effective, and high quality patient care, timely and efficient patient admission
    and discharge and comply with established best practice.
  • 12. Assist in the operating room and perform bedside procedures (as privileged to do so and only after
    departmental competencies are met).
  • 13. Produce discharge documentation including discharge instructions, completion of W-10s, dictation of
    discharge summaries.
  • 14. Write discharge prescriptions within scope of practice and confines of statute.
  • 15. Participate in Quality Improvement and Performance Improvement activities.
  • 16. Participate in special projects and YNHH initiatives at request of Department head, Manager and /or section
    Chief, Dept Chair.
  • 17. Participate in continuing medical education and maintain certification requirements for CME via: Dept
    conferences, sections conferences, YNHH Midlevel Grand Rounds, external programs.
  • 18. Assist with orientation of new staff PA and APRNs.
  • 19. Act as clinical resource and participate in education of fellows, residents, and medical students. Serve as
    preceptor/role model for PA, APRN students on clerkships.
  • 20. Adhere to schedule guidelines and fulfill scheduled hours of work.
  • 21. Adhere to spirit and intent of "YNHH Service Excellence" and promote a positive work environment.
  • 22. Provide specialty specific education to patients and families to include perioperative expectations, treatment
    plans, and discharge care.
  • 23. Participate in research projects as needed.
  • 24. Perform medication reconciliation at appropriate intervals (changes in level of care and upon transfer).
  • 25. Provide informal/formal education for staff, patients, and families.
  • 26. Participate in YNHH Safe Patient Flow Initiatives in order to provide the safest, most efficient, high quality
    patient care.
  • 27. Serves as patient advocate and act as liaision to patients and families.
  • 28. Collaborates with multidisciplinary team (physician, nursing, rehabilitation services, religious ministries) in
    the development of a comprehensive care plan.
  • 29. Communicates treatment plans to referring physicians, primary care physicians, care coordinators, social
    workers and health care agencies as appropriate and within confines of patient confidentiality/PHI laws.

    Other information:


    Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Art degree and graduation from an approved Physician Assistant program
    required. Certified as a Physician Assistant by the National Commission on the Certification of Physician
    Assistants (NCCPA).


    One to three years of patient care experience with inpatient care preferred.


    current state license as Physician Assistant and certification maintenance by NCCPA.


    Excellent clinical, interpersonal, and communication skills. Ability to work with a diverse group of providers across
    the health care continuum. Computer skills preferred.

    Dual reporting structure with accountability to supervising physician and Lead PA / PA Manager. Medical
    supervision and direction by supervising physician of record and attending staff in order to ensure safe, high
    quality patient care practices, accurate and complete documentation of patient care activities. Administrative
    oversight is provided by PA Manager. Annual performance review conducted with input from attending staff ,
    resident team, Lead PA and PA Manager.

    Follows standard medical practices in the evaluation, treatment, and management of patients. Communicates
    with physician team as appropriate and provides appropriate documentation in timely manner.

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    Department: Surgery Critical Care
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