Sr Protect Serv Patrol Officer

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New Haven, CT
Jan 25, 2019


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.


Provides security services to create an environment free of criminal activity which allows the Hospital community to achieve its mission and goals.

  • 1. Security and Patrol Duties
  • 1.1. Performs foot and vehicle patrol of corridors, passageways, tunnels, stairwells, elevator banks, patient care units, clinics, office space, laboratories, residential and contractual facilities, parking garages and surface lots, loading docks and all other assigned areas. Continuously utilizing standard practices and training to deter, and detain all unauthorized individuals or suspicious circumstances and criminal activity. Report all such incidents, as they occur, to ensure the maintenance of a safe environment for patients, staff and
  • 1.2. Coordinates and performs routine and emergency audio communications to promote a safe and secure environment. Operates the Department phone and radio dispatch systems to provide relief to central communication officers and during emergency situations. Conducst proper portable raido communications using correct Department codes and conduct at all times.
  • 1.3. In the absence of a Security Specialist, or during critical incident situations, monitor/reinforce access control points to provide authorized access to the Hospital during regular and non-business hours.
  • 1.4. Interacts with external law enforcement agencies to address situations requiring a law enforcement response and legal action to bring an incident to closure.
  • 1.5. May be required to testify in a court or other legal proceeding regarding actions or incidents on Hospital property.
  • 1.6. Minimize the potential for risk of injury situations involving dangerous or deadly instruments through observation and critical assessment skills, rapid notification to external law enforcement resources, and through appropriate perimeter control management skills.
  • 1.7. Enforces Hospital polices and addresses employee conduct code incidents by addressing on-site violations and submitting detailed written reports.
  • 2. Reporting Responsibilities
  • 2.1. Compiles detailed written communications, drafts and internal forms and reports of all incidents and activities that affect the general safety and security of the Hospital community and environment, and to ensure proper documentation and appropriate follow-up.
  • 2.2. Reports/documents should be submitted in a timely fashion, approved by a shift supervisor, and written precisely and with clarity. Officers will also ensure reports are completed concise and with correct grammar and punctuation.
  • 3. Support Functions
  • 3.1. Performs general support functions to ensure that all services afforded to the Hospital community for safety, security and for public relations are provided upon request and in a professional and timely manner. Performs vehicle and walking escorts to authorized and approved locations. Performs currency escort assignments for Hospital departments within the complex. Operate the Lost and Found, and Patient Valuable systems according to Hospital and Department policies and practices.
  • 3.2. Performs special support functions to ensure a rapid initial response to emergency situations by eliminating, containing or providing support until the emergency is resolved. Responds to remote locations to meet, assist and provide direction to medical response teams, and to transport emergency equipment and materials to and from the scene. Responds to fire alarms to eliminate or isolate the cause of the fire, pending the arrival of the New Haven Fire Department and other emergency personnel. Provides support to the emergency personnel and Nursing staff regarding the safety of patients, staff and visitors, including an active role during evacuations. Maintaining a support presence on-scene until and official "ALL CLEAR" has been directed by the commanding officer of the New Haven Fire Department. Responds to internal disasters and initiates the appropriate action to eliminate or contain the situation, and to provide support and ancillary staffing resources for assisting external agencies.
  • 3.3. Responds to Helipad, when advised of an incoming patient by helicopter transport, and initiates the landing protocol prior to arrival. Provides assistance to staff and flight crew, and may provide site security when necessary.
  • 3.4. When requested by appropriate medical authority, places approved mechanical restraints on patients and "forensic" patient situations, using the minimum amount of force necessary to effect the restraint in a safe manner, for both the patient and the officers and staff involved.
  • 3.5. Utilizing proper methods and training that are appropriate for the job category subdues uncontrolled and physically aggressive or combative patients, visitors and employees, with minimal risk of injury to everyone involved, and any other persons, within reasonable expectations and scope of training and available resources.
  • 3.6. Provides assistance, support, and acts as a liaison for external agencies (law enforcement, public safety, regulatory and other such agencies) who are conducting business on Hospital property.
  • 4. Performs all duties in demostrating the "I Am Yale-New Haven"
  • 4.1. Follows established Hospital and Departmental precautions and procedures in the performance of all job duties to ensure a safe work environment for everyone.
  • 4.2. Meets Hospital's attendance and punctuality requirements to ensure proper coverage and quality service to patients, visitors and employees.
  • 4.3. Demonstrates, without deviation, respect and regard for the dignity of all patients, families, visitors and employees to ensure a professional, responsive and courteous Hospital environment. Engages with employees, visitors and patients by offering a friendly greeting, making eye contact and displaying a friendly and professional demeanor at all times.
  • 5. Meets Hospital's attendance and punctuality requirements to ensure proper coverage and quality service to patients, visitors and employees.

    Other information:

    Position requires high school diploma or GED, plus graduation from teh Connecticut or other POST approved Police Academy


    Four (4) to five (5) years of police experience. Security, in addition to police experience is preferred.


    Must have held a "Police Officer" Certification


    Must be able to apply and be issued a Connecticut State Security Officer License from the Connecticut Department of Public Safety (State Police Special Licensing)
    Must be able to maintain current qualifications for the State Security Officer License
    Individual must possess/ability to successfully obtain/maintain a valid Connecticut State Pistol Permit
    Individual must be able to successfully obtain/maintain a valid Connecticut State Security Officer Pistol Permit
    Individual must be able to successfully pass an annual mandatory pistol re-qualification course in order to maintain a "Senior Protective Services Officer" assignment. Failure to do so will result in a temporary/permanent reassignment to a different job classification, or termination of employment
    Individual must possess and retain a valid Connecticut Motor Vehicle Operator license, without any lapse
    Upon successful completion of specialized training, incumbent must be able to operate the Department's radio dispatch system when necessary, or during critical incident situation

    Required to pass an extensive pre-employment character/integrity background investigation, to determine suitability in performing job required duties
    Required to pass a pre-licensing criminal/motor vehicle background investigation, as required for anyone applying for a State Security Officer license
    Ability to pass and maintain all mandatory certification and recertification in-service training, that is required to perform all job-related duties
    Ability to perform all Security & Protective Services assignments and functions in a professional and courteous manner at all times
    Ability to respond and carry out all duties and functions relating to emergency situations
    Ability to demonstrate respect and regard for the dignity of all patients, families, visitors, and fellow employees to ensure a professional, responsive and courteous Hospital environment.
    Required to meet and maintain, as a condition of continued employment, all mandated State laws and regulations

    Position requires the continuous performance of duties and functions in accordance with all Hospital and Department preserved policies and practices.
    Quality and consistent "Customer Service and communication skills"
    Professional "Workplace Conduct" and full compliance of Hospital and Departmental Policies and Procedures.
    "Critical Decision Making" and routine "Problem Solving"
    "Commitment" to the organization and professional standards
    "Resource Utilization" of actions and time management
    "Results Orientation" skill and resource utilization to achieve goals and objectives
    "Safety Orientation" to promote a safe environment
    "Teamwork and Cooperation" to enhance working relationships and demonstrate respect

    Appropriate physical condition for position demands, and responsibility to maintain condition level
    Position requires the ability to work in a sustained high stress environment

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