Mgr. Supply Chain Info Systems

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New Haven, CT
Apr 9, 2019


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.


The Manager of Supply Chain Information Systems provides critical technological and operational support to all functional areas of Supply Chain Management (Procurement, Corporate Contracting, Requisitioning, Inventory Control and Warehousing, etc.). The manager is responsible for the implementation, administration, optimization and maintenance of the Materials Management Information System (MMIS). Provides subject matter expertise and participates in the evaluation, selection, interface development, deployment and system administrative functions of other supply chain information systems such as electronic data interchange (EDI) handheld technology, contract management, web based e-commerce, and inventory management systems such as QSight and Par-Ex. The manager serves as the liaison between Information Technology personnel, supply chain and departmental users throughout the health system to provide training, resolve questions, assess user's needs and to recommend and facilitate changes.

  • 1. Manages human resources including recruitment and hiring of new staff, salary determinations, training, annual evaluations, competency assessment, development plans and coaching and counseling as needed.
  • 2. Develops and oversees the section budget in conjunction with corporate goals and objectives and is accountable for meeting annual budget performance goals.
  • 3. Provides direction, leadership and operational expertise to ensure implementation, optimization and maintenance of the MMIS and other supply chain management systems. Identifies opportunities to improve functionality, develops business case, and recommends course of action to appropriate management. Upon approval, oversees implementation including testing, production, documentation, and end user training. After initial start up, provides ongoing recommendations for improvement and system management.
  • 4. Develops and coordinates plans for timely completion of system projects and details the variety of tasks required for implementation/enhancement of current processing. Leads the gathering of information, completion and review of file build, and any other activities required to tailor the system to the special requirements of the user.
  • 5. Optimizes use of the MMIS via development and use of system standards, policies and procedures, web-base e-commerce solutions, electronic data interchange (EDI), handheld technology, interfaces to other systems, and ongoing maintenance of the system to ensure accuracy. Coordinates with system peers to promote and ensure consistency and cost effectiveness in policies, procedures and processes.
  • 6. Based upon thorough knowledge of the MMIS system functionality and the enterprise wide supply chain department operation, policies and procedures, participates in development of MMIS business model and facilitation of technology deployment at all delivery networks.
  • 7. Identifies key stakeholders and process owners involved in enterprise wide business processes. Establishes regular communications with each group. Develops and shares appropriate policies and procedures with groups and provides opportunities for training and retraining of support staff as needed
  • 8. Directs team to provide data and analytics required to support the identification of standardization and/ or utilization opportunities across the health system.
  • 9. Assists in the analysis and implementation of the MMIS and other supply chain technologies at new health system entity sites.
  • 10. Supervises assigned staff on Lawson projects. Ensures system designs support the value propositions and common vision agreed upon by senior management.
  • 11. Facilitates decision making and issue resolution across divisions as it relates to the Materials Management functional area.
  • 12. Participates in project and operational design meetings to develop the optimal business model and deployment strategy across the enterprise.
  • 13. Establishes and manages to supply chain management dashboards.
  • 14. Develops goals and standards of performance to guide the work of the Analytics and MMIS teams in achieving customer satisfaction and systems optimization.
  • 15. Develops and implements key performance indicators relative to the Materials Management Information System to include all elements of data integrity, system utilization and customer satisfaction.
  • 16. Continually assesses the state of the MMIS, identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • 17. Engages cross functional teams from within Supply Chain and operating departments to develop project charters and goals to drive performance improvement.
  • 18. Regularly monitors and reports progress within project teams to supply chain leadership.
  • 19. Demonstrates compliance with YNHHS practice standards.
  • 20. Prepares and administers annual customer service survey to assess satisfaction with central department services and to identify opportunities for improvement. Develops and implements action plans, to address identified priorities assessing year over year improvement in survey response.
  • 21. Participates and assesses outcomes of the annual employee satisfaction survey. Creates and implements actions plan to have a positive impact on priorities identified.
  • 22. Coordinates resources within functional area to complete project tasks.

    Other information:


    Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Information Technology, or related field or Associates degree with five to ten years experience administering a Materials Management Information System.


    Minimum of five (5) years experience in management or supervisory role within a health system supply chain department with at least three (3) years experience administering a Materials Management Information System (MMIS). Experience in evaluation and implementation of MMIS software, version changes and upgrades. Experience in developing and implementing reports, dashboards and work flows to facilitate the extraction and analysis of information within the MMIS.


    Ability to coordinate the necessary resources to achieve project deliverables. Ability to establish a positive working environment. Must have effective written, listening, and oral communication skills. Must have strong interpersonal, problem solving, and time management skills. Demonstrates integrity and ethics in dealings with others (e.g. employs honesty, trust and absence of hidden agendas; fulfills obligations/ commitments, maintains presence and professionalism). Values and treats others with respect, fairness and courtesy; values the ideas of others and capitalizes upon individual differences to create a work environment that better represents the goals, standards, and objectives of this project.

    Responsible for the structure, organization, development, evaluation and optimization of the MMIS to support organizational, departmental and supply chain department goals and objectives. Responsible for all elements of data integrity and data governance in accordance with industry standards.Responsible for ensuring that the appropriate resources are identified and secured in order to achieve project milestones and vendor commitments (deliverables). Facilitating data collection required for analysis of business operations.

    Participates in regional user groups and conferences relating to job responsibilities

    This position will coordinate activities and resources required in meeting project tasks and objectives between three (3) diverse local delivery networks who have significant autonomous decision-making authority. This project involves implementing systems in six (6) major functional areas (General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Materials Management, Purchasing, Human Resources, and Payroll) across three organizations (Bridgeport, Greenwich and New Haven). The ability to work cohesively among the three organizations.

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    Job Info

    Job: 5230

    Department: Supply Chain Analytics
    Category: Supply/procurement
    Status: Full Time
    Shift: DAYS
    Hours: 40.00

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