Lactation Nurse Specialist

New Haven, CT
Mar 14, 2019


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.


Under the direction of the Medical Clinical Director and/or the Patient Services Manager of the Newborn Special Care Unit or Maternity Units, assists nursing personnel in identifying and meeting the nursing care needs of the breastfeeding families. Functions as a member of the interdisciplinary team to plan, evaluate and insure quality of care. Possesses and demonstrates a high degree of expertise in care of the breastfeeding dyad. Provides comprehensive consultation to nurses, physicians and other professional health care team members. Provides clinical leadership in activities of the department relating to policies, standards of care, and the collaborative practice of primary nursing. Contributes to the expansion of the professional development of the nursing staff.

  • 1. Clinical Practice
  • 1.1. Serves as a clinical resource to nursing personnel, patients and their families, and health care professionals.
  • 1.2. Collaborates with the nursing staff in developing and implementing comprehensive breastfeeding care plans.
  • 1.3. Demonstrates clinical expertise and extensive knowledge of current literature and research in the area of breastfeeding the well newborn and/or premature and the sick neonate.
  • 1.4. Assists nursing personnel to collaborate with other health care professionals within the hospital and community to provide optimal patient and family care.
  • 1.5. Provides direct nursing care to selected patients; serves as a role model in clinical practice for nursing personnel and other health care professionals.
  • 2. Clinical Leadership
  • 2.1. Monitors and evaluates the quality of patient care; identifies and communicates measures to improve and insure quality of nursing care.
  • 2.2. Participates in the development of unit and intra-departmental goals as related to breastfeeding and strategies for achieving these goals.
  • 2.3. Participates in the development of policies, procedures, protocols and standards of care.
  • 2.4. Serves on committees in the Hospital.
  • 2.5. Offers emotional and situational support to nursing staff and to the breastfeeding families.
  • 2.6. Collaborates with the health care team to improve and insure quality of care as related to the needs of breastfeeding neonates and their families.
  • 3. Clinical Education
  • 3.1. Evaluates and disseminates current literature and research to nursing and medical staff.
  • 3.2. Incorporates research findings into own practice and assists nursing staff in utilizing research findings to enhance the quality of patient care and nursing practice.
  • 3.3. Initiates and participates in nursing practice.
  • 3.4. Contributes to nursing literature.
  • 3.5. Identifies and communicates to the Patient Services Manager/CNS the educational needs of nursing staff, and participates in the development and delivery of programs to meet these needs.
  • 3.6. Assists nursing staff with the development of their teaching skills.
  • 4. Professional Activities
  • 4.1. Serves as a resource for community health professionals, civic organizations and organizations supporting lactation.
  • 4.2. Assists breastfeeding women, in the community, who require hospitalization by providing continuity as a liaison.
  • 4.3. Advocates for the lactating mother and her baby on legislative issues through membership in organizations at the local, state and national level.
  • 4.4. Facilitates the education of nurses through presentations of seminars related to breastfeeding at local and state conferences.
  • 5. Professional Development
  • 5.1. Establishes professional goals and plans for achieving these goals.
  • 5.2. Identifies learning needs and develops methods for meeting those needs.
  • 5.3. Conducts periodic self-evaluations.
  • 5.4. Maintains current knowledge and competency in the area of specialization and professional practice.

    Other information:


    Registered nurse with current Connecticut nursing licensure, BSN preferred and IBCLC certification required. Lactation consultant with documentation of current national certification (i.e. International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants, UCLA Extension Program). 2 years experience as a lactation consultant preferred.


    Minimum of three (3) years of clinical nursing experience. Demonstrated clinical expertise and in-depth knowledge in specialty area, encompassing the well baby, premature and/or sick neonate and post-partum mothers.


    Demonstrated effective teaching, communication, research and leadership skills.

    Demonstrated clinical expertise and in-depth knowledge in specialty area, encompassing the well baby, premature and/or sick neonate and post-partum mothers.


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    Job Info

    Job: 6503

    Department: Lactation Program
    Category: Nursing-staff
    Sub Category: OB/MATERNITY
    Status: Part Time With Benefits
    Shift: DAY/EVENING
    Hours: 24.00