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Jun 5, 2019


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.


The primary function of the Physician Assistant is to provide comprehensive medical care for the Musculoskeletal patient under the direct supervision of the attending physician. Clinical responsibilities will include: evaluating patients, entering patient care orders, performing procedures, providing education, collaboration wtihin the multidisciplinary team, preparing patients for discharge and the communication and documentation of all patient care activities.
The goal of the PA is to provide high quality, consistent patient care in a cost efficient, safe manner while adhering to best practice and achieving optimal outcomes and excellent patient satisfaction.

  • 1. Admit patients. Perform and document complete H&P. Enter appropriate information and orders into EMR
  • 2. Order and obtain necessary diagnostic tests including imaging studies and laboratory tests. Follow through on interpretation of results and communicate with team.
  • 3. Request consultations from other services, obtain appropriate work up and follow through on recommendations
  • 4. Participate in daily rounds and assist with implementing managerment plan in collaboration with multidisciplinary team and attending
  • 5. Enter, review, and update orders in EMR to include: PT, OT, Speech, IV therapy, medications, restraints, patient care, discharge orders
  • 6. Address patient concerns brought forth by nursing staff
  • 7. Document patient encounters into EMR including, but not limited to: progress, event, procedure or transfer notes
  • 8. Perform procedures asd credentialed.
  • 9. Provide on call coverage as relevant to scheduled hours
  • 10. assist with evaluation and management of clinic patients with attending supervision
  • 11. participate i formal hand off/transition of care process including EMR sign out
  • 12. work to achieve efficient, cost effective, patient centered high quality care, follow evidence based standards/practice
  • 13. assist in operating room and perform bedside procedures to include documentation as per privileges
  • 14. prepare discharge documentation including instructions, prescriptions (within realm of CT statute and organizational bylaws, summaries, referrals (w-10)
  • 15. Partiicipate in QI and PI activities
  • 16. Participate in special projects at request of Manager, Dept Head, Chair
  • 17. Participate in CME and maintain NCCPA requirements, attend dept conferences as relevant
  • 18. assist with onboarding of new staff
  • 19. participate in education of fellows residents, medical/ PA/APRN students
  • 20. adhere to schedule guidelines and departmental policy and procedures
  • 21. promote positive work environment, adhere to spirit of "YNHH Service Excellence" pledge.
  • 22. Provide specialty specific education to patients and families to include periop expectations, treatment plans, discharge care.
  • 23. participate in research projects as relevant
  • 24. Serve as patient advocate
  • 25. collaborate with multidisciplinary tearm in the development of a comprehensive care plan
  • 26. communicate treatment plans to collaborating/referral MDs, care coordinators, social workers, health care agencies as appropriate while adhering to HIPAA policy.
  • 27. compliance with standard billing practices to include appropriate documentation, and corporate compliance

    Other information:

    Clinical Supplement:

    See new and return office consults at assigned specialty
    network sites

    Evaluate, document, and develop treatment plan
    in collaboration with MD for:
    independent clinic sessions for return patients
    \u201durgent\u201d care patient visits
    Collaborate with care team (MD, nursing staff)
    with anticipatory guidance for patients
    Coordinate referrals
    Perform peer to peer reviews (advanced imaging,
    medications, consultations)
    Serve as liaison for patients being admitted
    from clinic
    Provide support to nursing staff for triage of
    complex call management
    Provide diagnostic and laboratory results to
    Perform CPOE of medication orders
    (infusions/oral agents), prescriptions, imaging and referrals via EMR
    Assist with FMLA, disability documentation
    Facilitate operative case management with the
    department surgeons

    Complete and sign off on patients charts in EPIC
    within 48 hours of the encounter (24 hours when possible) including when
    referring patient to an attending surgeon for further evaluation and treatment. These notes must be completed by end of
    clinic that same day.

    Review EPIC inbox throughout the day and respond
    to queries and non-emergent calls. Complete and sign phone notes within 24 hrs
    after receiving the message. Department of Orthopedics is same day call back
    for patients.

    Ensure patient care is covered when away. This includes signing out of your EPIC in
    box to the on-call physician or colleague when out of the office.

    Vacation, Time Off, CME should be coordinated
    and approved by the collaborating physician, APP Clinical Manager.

    Ensure that communications with providers,
    nursing staff or patients/ parents regarding orders, testing, lab results and
    clinical follow up within a timely manner.

    Assist nursing staff by answering questions or providing
    routine education, including participation in the development of educational

    Attend New Haven based Orthopedic Grand Rounds
    and other professional development and educations activities at minimum once a
    month. Can be attended remotely.

    Comply as able with any existing Section and
    Departmental protocols, Compliance Training, Billing Training, Hospital
    Training, and Annual Mandatory Training Modules.

    Must swipe when arriving and departing from
    assigned location, including administrative days.

    Responds to any and all electronic or telephone
    communication timely and professionally.

    Will utilize Mobil Heartbeat or Yale Health
    System email for communication of Protected Health Information.
    Patient Experience: (Annual Performance Goal )

    Impacts and supports improvement in patient
    experience for Orthopedic patients as evidenced by patient feedback and Press
    Ganey patient satisfaction survey results.

    Improves patient access and wait times as
    evidence by departmental metrics.

    Maintains current knowledge of patient
    experience metrics and provides/creates opportunities for improvement within
    the department.
    Productivity Measures: (Annual
    Performance Goal )
    Top Goal: Ensure
    program growth for pediatric orthopaedic program.

    Minimum of 500 visits year 1, 1000 visits year
    2, and 1500 visits year 3 and beyond

    Minimum of 7 session for week

    goals: 8 visits per session with add-on or scheduled

    Scheduled allows for emergent appointments

    Encounters closed in 48hrs for ambulatory visits

    In-box messages cleared, returned and documented
    in 72hrs

    Sessions started on time


    Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Art degree and graduation from an approved Physician Assistant program
    required. Certified as a Physician Assistant by the National Commission on the Certification of Physician
    Assistants (NCCPA).


    one to three years of patient care experience in inpatient setting preferred


    current state license as Physician Assistant and certification maintenance by NCCPA


    excellent clinical, interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to work wtih a diverse group of providers across the health care continuum. Computer skills preferred.

    dual reporting structure with accountability to supervising physician and Lead/Clinical/PA Manager. Medical supervision and direction by supervising physician of record and attending staff in order to ensure safe, hight quality patient care practices, accurate and complete documentation of patient care activities. Administrative oversight is provided by Lead/PA Manager. Annual performance reviews are conducted with input from attending staff, resident, PA and multidisciplinary team

    follows standard medical practices in the evaluation, treatment, and management of patients. Communicates with physician team as appropriate and provides appropriate documentation in a timely manner.

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    Job Info

    Job: 7110

    Department: Musculoskeletal Providers
    Category: Advanced Practice
    Status: Full Time
    Shift: DAYS
    Hours: 40.00

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