Food Service Assoc-Ayr

New Haven, CT
Aug 14, 2019


Job Description

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.

Multiple positions available

Performs a variety of routine tasks and manual work within the patient services area of Food & Nutrition to assist in ensuring quality food and beverage items are served to customers. Assigned work area may include: the routine preparation of food and beverage items for patients; the delivery of food trucks to patient care divisions; washing of dishes and food service equipment; and the maintenance of a clean and sanitized food service environment. All tasks are performed under direct supervision, according to departmental procedures and specific task assignments. (Up to 20 points within the Responsibilities Section may be reallocated based upon the actual task assignments performed by an employee during the review period.) Demonstrates outstanding customer service and the Key Behaviors outlined in the Hospital's Core Success Factors in all interactions.

  • 1. FOOD PREPARATION* - Completes assigned food and beverage preparation duties utilizing basic kitchen utensils to cut, mix, assemble, plate, or otherwise prepare sandwiches, salads, fruits and desserts or other cold food items or beverages for patients, maintaining food safety standards.
  • 2. PATIENT FOOD TRUCK DELIVERY - Transports and retrieves patient tray racks and food supplies to and from patient care divisions following established procedures to scan, track and ensure the accurate and timely delivery of items. Effectively communicates with Food Service Ambassadors utilizing two-way radios.
  • 3. DISHROOM - Sets up all equipment and supplies needed for ware washing. Cleans, sanitizes and washes dishes and food service equipment. Operates dish machine and empties trash receptacles. Returns all equipment and utensils to its proper location and plugs in all heated and cold equipment.
  • 4. SANITATION AND PERSONAL HYGIENE - Consistently follows established sanitation and personal hygiene guidelines to help prevent the spread of food borne illness. Maintains a clean and neat work area by adhering to the -clean as you go- policy. Proper hand washing techniques are followed at all times. Cleans and sanitizes all food handling equipment prior to use according to standard procedures. Uses and stores cleaning agents properly

    Other information:

    High School Graduate or equivalent (GED) is required. An understanding of basic dietary principles is preferred.

    Minimum of 6 months of work experience is preferred.

    Must have a demonstrated ability to read, write and understand English; legible handwriting. Must be able to follow verbal and written instructions in order to accomplish all items on Task Assignment list during assigned shift, and to meet needs of customers. Must have demonstrated outstanding interpersonal/customer service skills.

    Completes assigned tasks within the established departmental standards for both volume per meal and in time allotted. Maintains the cleanliness of the work areas through proper sanitation procedures as determined by the department. Recognizes the special obligation of promoting a multicultural work force based on mutual respect. Understands and appreciates other cultures. Participates in performance / quality improvement processes within the department and hospital as assigned Must be visible at all times in the work area and informs a manager if need to leave area for any reason. Demonstrates key behaviors outlined in the hospital's Core Success Factors including: Caring/Service-Oriented; Problem Solver; Team-Player; Communicator; Personally Effective & Accountable; and Open-Minded Flexible.

    Takes an active role in the accurate preparation of food and beverage items for patients as required following all safe food handling procedures as identified by the departmental standards to ensure consistently high level of food safety for the patient. Transports and receives patient food trucks following established procedures to scan and track delivery of food items. Communicates clearly and as often as needed with cooks, fellow associates and management to provide an organized and efficient flow of operation.

    Moderate physical activity, requires ability to stand and walk more than 4 hours per day, with ability to lift, push and pull carts, pallets and food supplies (occasionally up to 50 pounds, frequently up to 30 pounds and/or continuously up to 10 pounds). Work environment involves moderate exposure to unusual elements, such as extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, fumes, smoke, unpleasant odors, and/or loud noises which require following basic safety precautions; and, working with cleaning chemicals requiring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE's) provided.
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    Job Info

    Job: 11145

    Department: Food Nutritional Svc PFS
    Category: Service & Trades
    Sub Category: FOOD & NUTRITION
    Status: Per Diem
    Shift: AS NEEDED
    Hours: 25.000