Concierge Registered Nurse - Rye Brook

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Rye Brook, NY
Mar 26, 2020


Job Description


To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values - integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.

A registered professional nurse who utilizes the nursing process in providing nursing care and assumes the responsibility and accountability for prescribing, delegating and coordinating that care. A RN-Specialty Stress Test Nurse is accountable for performing and monitoring ordered Stress tests with the personal needs and comfort of patients served by the practice, assisting medical providers, and maintaining a clean and safe environment in accordance with the policies and procedures of NEMG



  • 1. Demonstrates advanced skill in interviewing, observing and collecting health care data, performing systems assessment, identifying patient support systems on admission.
  • 2. Applies qualitative critical and discriminating judgment in predicting patient problems based on subtle cues and selects a course of action whose outcome is highly reliable.
  • 3. Demonstrates knowledge of test procedures and participates in patient education of same as evidenced by feedback from patient.
  • 4. Takes initiative to provide and assist others in providing health education to patients, families, and/or significant others.
  • 5. Demonstrates proficiency of treatments, procedures and equipment appropriate to the unit as demonstrated by competency assessment.
  • 6. Demonstrates responsibility and accountability for ensuring best practices and delivery of nursing care.
  • 7. Administers medications, calculates doses and maintains current knowledge of medications and IV therapy.
  • 8. Completes annual skills competency validation.
  • 9. Serves as a positive professional role demonstrating accountability and responsibility through professional behavior.
  • 10. Maintains and updates knowledge of clinical and evidence-based practice by reading professional literature and introducing new ideas and interventions to unit practice.
  • 11. Uses effective communication skills when working with others to create an atmosphere of collaboration.
  • 12. Promotes teamwork and cooperation through open communication and problem-solving techniques.
  • 13. Suspends judgment on policies and decisions, allowing time to earnestly assess their pros and cons.
  • 14. Obtains and maintains ACLS certification.
  • 15. Is sensitive to different cultural, emotional and spiritual needs of people.
  • 16. Treats all patient related and other discussions with discretion; eliminates gossip; does not discuss patient or facility business in public areas.
  • 17. May be responsible for scheduling and leading/directing the day to day work of the Medical Assistants in assigned practice.




Graduate of accredited school of nursing (Diploma, AD, BS, MS)




Minimum of two (2) years RN clinical experience 




Licensed and a currently registered nurse in the State of Connecticut. Current ACLS certification.




MMR is required. Varivax (chicken pox vaccine) or evidence of prior chicken pox is required. Hepatitis B (or signed declination) is required for those with potential exposure to blood/body fluids. Tdap and influenza vaccination are strongly encouraged.


Additional Information

Concierge Medicine is a highly individualized approach to practicing medicine with tools and technology that emphasize wellness, prevention, early detection and personalized treatment.

Patients receive comprehensive, advanced screenings, diagnostic tests, and a customized wellness action plan addressing key areas of health with concentration on the patient’s unique needs and goals.  The customized plan addresses key areas of health including heart health, bone health, vision, blood glucose, sleep, hearing, weight management, respiratory health, nutrition and fitness, sexual health, and emotional well-being. 


The Registered Nurse in this department is responsible for managing the day-to-day clinical functions of the concierge practice.  The nurse is available to patients by phone and in the office within scheduled business hours.  The nurse functions as the first point of clinical contact triaging patient calls appropriately.  The nurse is responsible for greeting and rooming the patient.  The nurse retrieves patient vitals and medical history, and performs specialized screenings and tests.  Training will be provided for use of specialized equipment (Inbody Analyzer, Ankle Brachial Index, and comprehensive hearing and vision screenings) used for screening and tests.  The nurse is responsible for presenting testing results to the doctor prior to the doctor’s examination and consultation with the patient.  The nurse is responsible for vaccine and medication administration, including medication adherence protocols.  The nurse will function independently, in collaboration with the doctor, and demonstrate superb customer service. 


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Job Info

Job: 16687

Status: Full Time Benefits Eligible
Shift: D
Hours: 40

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