Medical Technologist - Chemistry, Full time, Day

Greenwich, CT
Apr 8, 2020

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To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values - integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.

Performs a wide variety of routine and complex testing; is able to troubleshoot problems, can identify the causes and formulate and apply solutions; confirms and verifies test results through an in depth knowledge of the departmental workflows, principles and instrumentation; correlates and interprets data based on knowledge of technical and instrumental conditions affecting test results. Takes a lead role in designing and implementing training for students and laboratory personnel evaluates new methods and procedures; develops one or more areas of specific expertise; assumes responsibility for complex troubleshooting of procedure(s). Has a thorough knowledge of the laboratory's QC programs. Must maintain a minimum of 12 CE credits per year.



  • 1. Demonstrates advanced technical competency in performing a variety of laboratory tests to ensure that accurate results can be provided for good patient care. 1.1 Understands basic principles and techniques; understands instrumentation and equipment and shows good judgment in using them. 1.2 Performs tests following established laboratory procedures with no written reminder for non-compliance. 1.3 Assigns priorities to laboratory tests according to daily & weekly schedule and organizes workload for maximum productivity and efficiency in completing assigned tests . 1.4 Performs maintenance tasks, per assigned laboratory schedule, and established policy. 1.5 Reviews incomplete work list completing assigned tests within established turnaround time frame as per established laboratory policy. Resolves problems related to incomplete/outstanding results. Brings any problem to the attention of a supervisor. 1.6 Evaluates and documents acceptability of kits, reagents, standards, and biologicals, according to established protocol. Obtains supervisor/director signature(s) as per protocol prior to introduction of new reagents. 1.7 Monitors reagent and commercial control levels so that patient testing is not interrupted. Demonstrates knowledge of QC data assessment; applies such knowledge to assessment of daily runs and knows when to consult with a supervisor.
  • 2. Provides for the accurate reporting of laboratory results to ensure continuity of patient care by demonstrating computer, communication, and documentation skills 2.1 Records results clearly, legibly and accurately, as soon as test is completed and documents and initials all patient results onto corresponding work list. 2.2 Is cognizant of the hospital's policy concerning personal phone calls and the use of cellphones. Restricts personal use for emergencies only. Answers laboratory phones in a timely and professional fashion. 2.3 Demonstrates competency in entry of patient results into the LIS. Results are entered in a timely fashion. Deletes Any erroneous results before verification. Enters appropriate comment when a result is changed. Incurs no more than 3 documented incidents.
  • 3. Fosters mature respectful relationships with fellow employees, patients, and staff to ensure a professionalenvironment and approach to all work areas.. 3.1 Adheres to hospital policy concerning time limitations for break/lunch periods. 3.2 Participates in teaching laboratory personnel, Medical Technology students and laboratory residents following established laboratory procedures and in a courteous professional manner. Maintains positive, respectful relationship with trainee. 3.3 Documents procedures taught and countersigns parallel runs of trainee and brings them, when completed to the coordinator for evaluation and signature. 3.4 Demonstrates a positive approach to learning new or existing methods, techniques and/or procedures. Cross-trained and can completely perform the majority of laboratory testing. Suggests changes or modifications in existing procedures. 3.5 Accepts constructive criticism in a positive manner and takes corrective action to improve performance in problem areas. 3.6 Able to foster a team approach to solve problems with other departments within Laboratory Medicine by cultivating an atmosphere of mutual respect. 3.7 Demonstrates ability to work with co-workers and supervisors and shows willingness to work as a member of a team.
  • 4. Demonstrates independence by ability to recognize and troubleshoot problems related to procedures and or instrumentation, and allows for personal career growth. .1 Recognizes problems related to inappropriate outcome of procedures, notifies a supervisor of the existence of such a problem. Is able to identify the cause of the problem and works with supervisor to implement a solution. 4.2 Recognizes malfunction of instrumentation and equipment used and can perform basic as well as advanced troubleshooting. Independently identifies problem, solves them, and recognize the need for assistance. Is able to coordinate with vendor technical support for solution. Informs supervisor of the status. 4.3 Participates & develops procedural expertise, generally resulting from an evaluation of a new complex procedure or evaluates new instrument. 4.4 Participates in the writing and review of technical procedures, standardization of techniques, and maintenance of policies 4.5 Actively participates in regulatory readiness. Works closely with the leadership group to ensure 0 deficiencies and or 100% compliance of all regulations. 4.6 Is able to access data using the LIS. Enter & retrieves information accurately and in a timely manner.
  • 5. Participates in on going methodology review 5.1 Performs new assay validation and/or reviews appropriate application testing for current and new tests being developed. 5 .2 Reviews CAP literature for current testing methodologies. 5 .3 Evaluates new technologies that may be relevant to current or future testing applications.




Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology or equivalent




Three (3) to five (5) years of experience in the applicable Laboratory department preferably at least 3 years in the current GH laboratory. Must have considerable knowledge of relevant department protocols, principles, and procedures. 




ASCP or equivalent preferred.




Leadership skills that builds team collaboration, promoting learning, growth and adaptation to change. Enhance departmental goals by focusing on quality while maintaining knowledge and implementing new technology is a cost effective manner. Must be able to operate, standardize, perform routine maintenance of and troubleshoot equipment. Knowledge of instrumentation and materials used in a clinical laboratory. Must pass a color blind test.




Working in a normal clinical laboratory environment, handling test samples, utilizing a computer terminal. Close concentration and attention to detail are required. Good phone and client service skills necessary. Foster a team approach by cooperating with co-workers, supervisors, hospital staff and physicians.


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Job: 17015

Department: Laboratory
Status: Full Time Benefits Eligible
Shift: D
Hours: 37.5