Director, Pharmacy BH/GH

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Bridgeport, CT
Sep 29, 2020


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To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values - integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.

Responsible for the development, establishment and coordination of comprehensive pharmacy services across all provider based services of Bridgeport and Greenwich Hospitals. The position is responsible to set strategic direction and align goals and objectives and ensure medication management processes promote medication safety, positive therapeutic outcomes and ensure the required aspects of a high -reliability organization. Directs the activities of the pharmacy care team (pharmacy professional and support personnel) in accordance with state and national standards of best practice established by the pharmacy profession, the hospital and governmental and health care regulatory agencies. Fosters a satisfying and challenging work environment for all members of the pharmacy care team. Develops, interprets and implements long and short-range departmental program plans, ensures alignment of policies and standard operating procedure. Oversight of all human resource, financial,clinical and operational management required. Has administrative responsibility for any contracted pharmacy and management services. The position is responsible for the development and execution of Pharmacy programs ,processes and business strategies to meet current service expectations, as well as future growth and business expansion. Works collaboratively with all the Executive Director, Corporate Pharmacy Services for Yale -New Haven Health and the Directors of Pharmacy Services within the Yale-New Haven Health system to provide oversight and leadership for high quality services.



  • 1. Strategy and Planning
    • 1.1 Defines a mission and vision for pharmacy services and develops and communicates goals and objectives to staff that are in-line with hospital wide initiatives. Coordinates the preparation and maintenance of short and long -term departmental strategic plans directed to improving the quality and scope of pharmacy services to better meet the needs of the patients and the hospital
  • 2. Operations and Technology
    • 2.1 1. Ensures department compliance with pharmacy practice laws, regulations and guidelines developed by state and federal pharmacy oversight agencies Including but not limited to: CT Drug Control, CT Board of Pharmacy, CT DPH, DEA, FDA, CDC, TJC, ASHP, ISMP, CMS etc. in system and department policies and procedures 2. Develops, interprets and implements policies and procedures governing medication management throughout the inpatient and outpatient areas 3. Continuously reviews the medication use system and advocates for the implementation of new dispensing technology/automation and the provision of innovative clinical pharmacy services that will improve both patient care and economic outcomes 4. Develops a process to manage the evaluation and introduction of new pharmaceutical dispensing and drug administration technology. Leads objective criteria based technology assessment teams. Assures new technologies are used to enable process simplification 5. Oversees all operational functions for the department including, narcotic and controlled substance management, unit dose drug dispensing and automation, non-sterile and sterile packaging and compounding, pharmacy procurement etc. 6. Provide oversight for all aspects of the Epic system that supports prescribing, clinical decision support , operational support and interfaces with all pharmacy automation platforms to ensure safety and quality of medication management
  • 3. Clinical Services and Drug Use Policy
    • 3.1 1. Establishes and maintains a YNHHS Formulary of drugs. Participates as an active member of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and the Formulary Integration Committee for the System . Coordinates a planning process together with the committee chairperson to target committee activities . Encourages and stimulates evidenced based discussions for drug therapy decisions. 2. Develops and directs clinically oriented pharmacy service which ensures safe, effective (therapeutic and financial) drug therapy 3. Establishes and administers a comprehensive drug information service which brings reliable, unbiased drug information to bear effectively on rational therapeutics. 4. Develops and directs a comprehensive drug utilization review and evaluation program in cooperation with medical staff to monitor and promote safe effective (therapeutic and financial) drug therapy 5. Actively participates in national databases to facilitate benchmarks and best practice compliance (e.g., UHC CDB)
  • 4. Safety, HRO, Quality Improvement
    • 4.1 1. Develops and consistently deploys processes and tools to measure and achieve quality, safety and efficacy targets, metrics and goals with customer and staff involvement. Address gaps with action plans to improve. 2. Monitors and controls the accuracy and safety of all programs and services requiring the manipulation compounding or packaging of drugs. 3. Assures advanced skill and knowledge levels and ongoing competencies of all pharmacy personnel in order to provide safe, effective and quality medication management 4. Responsible for monitoring and reporting quality indicators, work volume statistics, and project status to Bridgeport and Greenwich Hospital senior leadership and other key leaders within the hospital and system 5. Establish and monitor the medication safety plan with metrics to track; Ensure active participation in the safety huddles, RL system and root cause analyses. 6. Oversight to all drug shortage and recalls, manage substitutions, mitigate risk and ensure communication to all stakeholders. 7. Champion all facets of achieving status as a high reliability organization in all pharmacy aspects
  • 5. Financial Management
    • 5.1 1. Prepares and monitors departmental expense projections, operating and capital budgets and achieves optimal utilization of hospital funds through effective purchasing and inventory control. 2. Manage drug expense to budget by monitoring drug utilization, identifying opportunities for improvement and initiating cost avoidance programs to achieve planned savings and /or cost avoidance. 4. Strategically plan future budgets through drug forecast, volume, and inflationary projections 5. Manage patient assistance programs resulting in expense reduction to reduce burden of free care 6. Provide oversight to all aspects of the 340B Drug Program and ensure compliance with all regulations 7. Perform compensation analysis to maintain competitiveness in recruitment and retention
  • 6. Human Resource Management
    • 6.1 1. Coordinates the allocation, scheduling and skill mix of personnel within pharmacy services to achieve optimal utilization and productivity of pharmacy manpower. 2. Oversight of the selection, orientation, in-service training, performance appraisal program for pharmacy services. 3. Responsible for the ongoing development of staff by assuring the timely resolution of personnel issues , communication of performance expectations and the completion of timely performance reviews using SMART goals 4. Encourages and stimulates excellence among employees in work habits, area maintenance, mutual respect, service excellence skills and other activities directly/indirectly related to patient care.
  • 7. Education and Teaching
    • 7.1 1. Maintain an accredited teaching site for Doctor of Pharmacy students 2. Encourages development of post -graduate residency programs 3. Provides opportunities for educational programming and coordinates staff participation in internal and external educational programs to promote continued professional development
  • 8. Leadership
    • 8.1 1. Develops collaborative relationships with Medical staff, Patient Services and other departments . Coordinates a process of managing customer satisfaction by monitoring existing service quality ,implementing interdisciplinary problem resolution teams when necessary to improve services, and coordinating a process for identifying future customer service needs 2.Establish a process/plan for development of leadership positions and increased staff engagement that improves communications, builds teamwork, and optimizes job functions to maximize efficiency. Mentor and oversee the succession planning of the departments. 3. Acts as a loyal, supportive and informed spokesperson for the department and Hospital. 4.Identifies the need for and manages collaboration with other departments and the medical staff. Is a champion for projects within the department and division, allocating resources and utilizing project management skills.
  • 9. Addresses problems in a blame-free manner while actively pursuing effective resolutions. Collaborates with other Hospital leaders and professionals to identify, reduce, and eliminate barriers which may negatively impact patient care.
  • 10. Promotes the visibility of department leadership throughout the organization. Identifies areas for self-development and actively seeks opportunities and resources to meet developmental objectives. Key Interfaces include: Medical and Nursing staff, Patients/Families, Department Heads, Vendors/Suppliers, Educational and Regulatory Organizations, Senior Administration
  • 11. Manage, oversee and participate in any project or assignment as defined by senior leadership of the hospitals and health system



Degree of Pharmacy from a College of Pharmacy accredited by the American Council on pharmaceutical Education and Advanced Degree in Pharmacy (MS or Postgraduate Pharm D) or MHA, MBA. Currently licensed or currently eligible of licensure in the State of Connecticut.


Five (5) to ten (10) years' hospital pharmacy experience, including five (5) years in a managerial/administrative capacity. Completion of ASHP accredited or equivalent residency program strongly preferred.


Eligible for CT Pharmacist License


Excellent administrative, professional and fiscal management skills. Understands pharmacy practice standards and regulatory requirements. Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential. Excellent analytical skills. Knowledge of Human Factors in complex systems. Experience with various quality improvement tools and HRO tools


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Job: 19652

Department: System Pharmacy
Sub Category: DEPT HEAD
Status: Full Time Benefits Eligible
Hours: 40

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