Medical Dosimetrist 1

Trumbull, CT
Dec 22, 2020

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To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values - integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.

Under the general direction of the Chief Medical Dosimetrist, work from information furnished by physicians for planning the radiation treatment of patients. Develop and present a series of plans of therapy for appraisal and approval of the attending physician or group critique. Provide control liaison between the attending physician and therapist treating the patient. Initiate projects in additional areas which may include: formal teaching, research, in-service education or quality assurance.



  • 1. Develops 2-D and 3-D external beam treatment plans for the approval of radiation oncologists either manually or utilizing a digital computer. Assists radiation oncologist in delineating target volume and potentially critical structures, using patient contours, radiographs, CT scans and other diagnostic studies including CT-MRI registration based on age-specific criteria of patients (see addendum). Explains treatment plan of patient to technical staff to assure accuracy and reproducibility of the patient set?up.
  • 2. Collaborates with radiation oncologists, clinical physicists and therapists in developing and implementing new treatment techniques.
  • 3. Ascertains that equipment and treatment rooms are properly prepared for the planned course of treatment. Fabricates a variety of devices to assure patient set?up reproducibility and to shape x?ray beams as required by specific treatment plans.
  • 4. Reviews simulation and port films to assure accurate reproduction of treatment plan. Calculates radiation treatment machine meter settings required by treatment plan, documenting information in patient's therapy chart.
  • 5. Transfers Rx data electronically through the use of record- and verify systems.
  • 6. As requested by attending radiation oncologists, performs in?vivo dose verifications, measuring doses directly on patient during the course of radiation treatment.
  • 7. Consults with radiation oncologist concerning radioactive implant sites, volume studies, materials, and the proposed dose distribution. Generates computerized pre?implant brachytherapy plans for both LDR and HDR treatments. as requested.
  • 8. Prepares implant apparatus and maintains inventory to assure that correct amount and type of radioactive material will be available to the oncologist.
  • 9. Assists radiation oncologist in the operating room ands GammaMed Suite with the loading of implant apparatus and the handling of radioactive material. Assists in the loading and removal of temporary implants.
  • 10. Performs required health physics measurements of patient exposure rates and safety surveys of equipment and operating room.
  • 11. Documents the amount and type of radioactive material used. Prepares all paperwork in accordance with established Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulations.
  • 12. Supervises the documentation of final implant placement by radiographs or CT scans. Identifies the location of radioactive sources on final placement films or CT scans and calculates post-implant dosimetry dose for presentation to radiation oncologist.
  • 13. Maintains radioactive storage areas in a clean, orderly and safe condition, ordering supplies as needed.
  • 14. Performs all activities involving patient interaction using standard operating procedures.
  • 15. Participates in brachytherapy conference, presenting implant isodose distributions for discussion and review by staff oncologists.
  • 16. Participates in Yale?New Haven Hospital Regional Treatment Planning Program. Perform external beam treatment planning, interstitial and intracavitary implant dosimetry and x?ray beam blocking for regional hospitals. Transmit information to participating hospitals. Discusses plans with the referring oncologist to assure mutual understanding of information.
  • 17. Verifies patient meter setting calculations. Reviews and accurately maintains patient treatment records on a weekly basis to assure correct treatment and dosage notation.
  • 18. Performs weekly back?up and quality assurance procedures on computerized treatment planning data.
  • 19. Attends and presents dosimetric information as New patient Conference. Attends weekly Chart Round Conference Receives and responds to inquiries regarding patients' treatment parameters.
  • 20. Participates in the clinical instruction of resident physicians, technology and dosimetry students. Actively participates in the interview and acceptance of students in the Yale?New Haven Hospital Dosimetry Training Program.
  • 21. Attends bi?weekly Physics Section Staff meeting. Participates in development and reform of departmental policies and procedures.
  • 22. Performs all job duties and responsibilities in a manner that ensures customer satisfaction and promotes positive and constructive working relationships within the department and throughout the external medical community.
  • 23. Performs three (3) of the following five (5) tasks:
  • 24. Teach a minimum of five (5) formal classes or clinical labs in the technology and/or dosimetry training programs.
  • 25. Initiates or helps to develops a clinical research project which results in publication in a national journal or in improvement in treatment modality.
  • 26. Delivers four (4) clinical presentations at New Patient conference.
  • 27. Present four (4) in'service education programs to departmental staff.
  • 28. Assists clinical physicists in the ongoing quality assurance program for computer equipment or formal participation in the departmental quality assurance committee.




Graduation from an accredited four (4) year college or an accredited radiation therapy technology program (with certification in radiation therapy technology), supplemented by successful completion of a dosimetry training program. On-the-job training for a period of two (2) years may be substituted for formal dosimetry training. Certification by the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board. Degree is recommended.




A minimum of five (5) years of full-time employment as a dosimetrist.




Medical Dosimetry Credentialing Board Certification




Perform computerized and manual external beam and brachytherapy planning. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of medical physics, clinical oncology, radiographic anatomy and health physics. Interpersonal communication skills. Teaching skills.


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Job: 22395

Department: Smilow Rad Physics Trumbull
Status: Full Time Benefits Eligible
Hours: 40

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