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Bridgeport, CT
Dec 4, 2020


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To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values - integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.

At Bridgeport Hospital, we are committed to providing quality medical care and treatment that is coordinated and centered on the patient's specific needs. We strive to achieve benchmarks as a Patient Centered Medical Home and provide health care in a setting where patients are at the center of their care team. All employees of Bridgeport Hospital are part of the patients care team and contribute to the team approach of promoting access, continuous, comprehensive care and work to provide quality improvement in the care provided to their patients.

Manages various Database Management functions to include supply updates and additions to Lawson, SIMS, Qsight and OR Information Systems database. Provides support and guidance to various personnel to include nursing, OR Material's staff, vendors, and other departments within Yale-New Haven Hospital to research and manage supply data within the databases. Accountable for ensuring that data compiled to be used in building lawson numbers is accurate and pertinent in order to procure items appropriately. Contacts vendors and customer service to review and compare pricing between the company and lawson and updates the database accordingly. Reports any discrepancies to the OR Materials Manager and generates changes in all databases to include units of measure, correct manufacture numbers and pricing. Coordinates with vendors to collect and process all Bills on a daily basis and provide purchase order numbers directly to the vendors as needed. Works in the storeroom along with OR Materials staff to ensure all supplies are built and are active in the database with a barcode. ORMM IS Coordinator must be able to work autonomously and manage inventory item masters to include judgement calls on supply classifications. Will maintain a high tolerance for the changing environments and be able to incorporate those changes independently. Participates on the OR New Tech Formulary Committee to incorporate new technology requests into the item master and insures accurate pricing for patient billing purposes. Participates with senior level leadership in Purchasing, Procurement, Contracting, and the OR to develop strategies to request complete item catalogs that represent active products to be stocked or used on a case by case basis. Coordinates and leads strategy sessions among ORMM staff to improve the item master and solve issues around patient billing. The ORMM IS Coordinator follows all Corporate Compliance guidelines and Patient Confidentiality guidelines as listed in the Perioperative policies. Maintains the confidentiality of pricing among vendors and outside parties.



  • 1. Manages updates to lawson for all items listed within the Operating Room's database as needed per the OR Material's supply staff. Receives and processes requests from staff to update any of the various required data elements such as pricing, vendor information, or unit of measure changes. Calls vendors to validate data as needed and reports findings to OR Material's management. Responsible for checking the item master interface errors logs daily to ensure information is safely passing over from lawson to OR Clinical Documentation system. Works with the Supply Chain Analyst team, contract coordinators and/or the purchasing department to process requests for updating contract pricing. Manages OR Mobil hand solutions (PDAD) handhelds used for par maintenance on Owens and Minor Items. Adds new Lawson numbers onto par groups and updates pars. Updates information such as pricing, vendor contacts and purchase order data on Lawson YNHHS screens ensuring system accuracy and operational effectiveness of procurement activities. Assigns critical key values including correct description, resource type, bin location and product type to YNHH OR item master to interface information to OR Clinical information system (EPIC).
  • 2. Processes requests from management, OR Material's staff and Hospital Material's staff to globally modify or inactivate data records in both POINTS and Lawson as a result of either product conversion or product becoming obsolete in order to maintain the accuracy of the inventory. Globally executes product modifications on Preference Cards to manage product substitutions, updates or add/change products. Researches pricing and adds revenue fee codes to products directly directly impacting insurance billing for supplies. Builds new products or charge bundles directly into OR Clinical Information System to support the ongoing Surgical Preference Card Project for EPIC at YNHH.
  • 3. Prepares and manages the monthly spreadsheet submissions for Lawson number builds for both Direct Purchases and Owens and Minor products. Reviews monthly X-item purchase reports and collaborates with OR Material's staff to ensure all required data elements are accurate for lawson number builds. Collaborates with the lawson Supply Chain Analyst Group to coordinate timely file handoffs and receipt in order to complete remaining screen builds within OR Materials. Researches, prepares and validates large supply catalog files of data elements for EPIC to Lawson MIS MS Add in spreadsheets too extensive for manual entry.
  • 4. Prepares monthly Hard Fee Code File submissions to the SBO office ensuring that all chargeable items from the month of builds are accounted for and are properly given the correct hospital mark-up. Works with the OR Material Supply Integration manager to submit files to Lawson MIS for MS Add-in support to have data electronically updated. Researches and assigns implant status critical to special insurance reimbursement for specific supply technologies. Will coordinate with reimbursement to establish proper fee code designation for the EPIC item master on an ongoing basis.
  • 5. Utilizes handheld and PC software to provide barcodes and labels for all products in order to support handheld scanning. Ensures any items on the shelf in the storeroom without a barcode reside in the lawson system and receive a barcode. Creates par inventory profiles for the OR Material's staff complete with lawson numbers and correct vendor ordering information. Works with OR Material's management to ensure product line trials and conversions take place and that updates to include new labels and barcodes happens completely and thoroughly.
  • 6. Collects vendor Bills for services and supplies rendered from ORMM Supply Coordinators following supply charging review and processes all data entry into Lawson for all 4 OR storerooms. Reviews and checks pricing against contracts loaded into Lawson and notifies ORMM New Tech/Implant coordinator and the Supply Chain Analyst group for any discrepancies. Makes corrections in Lawson pricing where authorized to keep Lawson current. Searches Lawson for existing Lawson numbers to prepare bills and updates the OR item master as necessary for any Lawson numbers that don?t exist. Provides purchase orders to vendors as needed to insure vendors are paid on time and to prevent credit holds on YNHH.
  • 7. Receives all explanted devices removed from patients that were sent to Pathology and processes devices for return to vendors for all credits expected under warranty. Contacts vendors for return goods authorization and completes all return paperwork vendor requires to process warranty. Processes all returns as required from ORMM supply coordinators for exchange of defective goods. Enters all special warranties for credit on instrument and scopes for the Davinci Robot program.
  • 8. Responsible for the proper inventory management relationship between Lawson and Qsight to include the requisition to purchase order process as well as the focused item master Lawson builds as a result of having Qsight. Manages the complex data reconciliation between Qsight, Lawson and the OR Clinical Information System (EPIC) insuring that interfaces work properly and information flows/records correctly between systems. Manages the vendor master crosswalk table between Lawson and Qsight. Collaborates with the O&M Qsight Analyst to synchronize data and cross covers during vacation time to process inventory orders.
  • 9. Manages the following interface relationships including the proper function, error code translation and/or corrections to be made, update and development testing, and outcomes: 1. Lawson to Synthes Information Management System (SIMS) item master 2. SIMS to Lawson Order export 3. Lawson to OR Clinical Information System Item Master 4. Qsight to OR Clinical Information System item update 5. OR Clinical Information System to Qsight scheduling feed 6. Lawson to Qsight item master and vendor master correlation 7. Qsight to Lawson order export 8. Lawson to Qsight Purchase Order update




Required BS or BA in Management, IT, Finance or Business




Three (3) to five (5) years experience in an information systems purchasing or operating room setting comfortable using various computer software applications. Must have excellent organizational skills and be able to accomplish goals with a minimum of supervision and within defined timelines. Must have experience with preparing spreadsheets. Knowledge of health care products preferred. Working knowledge of Lawson software required.




M-F; 7a-3:30p





Must be fluent with Microsoft Excel to include using macros, and computing various formulas such as IF, VLOOKUP, math computations, etc. Candidate also must be competent with Microsoft Word, Access and PowerPoint. Several years experience with Lawson software preferred. Candidate must be able to demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills. Must be familiar with computer interface development and management. Experience with perpetual inventory principles a plus.



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Job: 23267

Department: Perioperative Svcs Admin
Status: Full Time Benefits Eligible
Shift: DAYS
Hours: 40

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