Quality Assurance Pharmacy Technician

New Haven, CT
Nov 18, 2020

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Job Description


To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values - integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.

As members of a High Reliability Organization (HRO), every employee should practice CHAMP behavior and strive to make patient safety a top priority. Under the direction of the Manager, Pharmacy Operations, monitor adherence to policies regarding the accuracy and safety of drug storage, distribution to patient care units, and supply standardization. Assist in the resolution of narcotic discrepancies. Compile, interpret and distribute data to key customers (i.e. PSM's) who have direct responsibility for customer satisfaction relating to medication distribution as measured by service indicators, such as out of stocks, loads, refills, and turnaround time. Perform routine audits of automated drug dispensing machines and Environment of Care rounds. Work with the appropriate managers to correct drug storage safety issues to ensure accuracy and compliance with drug storage policies on patient care units. Compile, analyze and interpret data to support operational changes that meet the drug distribution needs of the patient care units and promote patient safety.



  • 1. Troubleshoot automated dispensing cabinet technical problems, including drawer failures, BioID malfunctions, console malfunctions, database errors, and interface problems. Serve as primary point of contact for nursing and pharmacy staff and serve as liaison with Pyxis technical support regarding issues resolution.
  • 2. Coordinate and review implementation plans, monitor and assist installation activities conducted by hospital staff and outside vendors to ensure agreed timetables are maintained. Coordinate information gathering process, including file building, configuration, construction related activities to ensure data integrity and adequate supply resources including delivery of equipment, network drops, and configuration of space on the patient care units, configuration of the cabinet(s) and establishment of inventory and par levels.
  • 3. Develop system policies with Pharmacy, Materials Management, Nursing, and Information Services for utilizing controlled drugs and automated distribution/tracking systems. Act as a liaison to other hospital departments for installation activities and post installation maintenance. Accountable for proper system utilization, ensuring all parties have appropriate understanding of the system.
  • 4. Review historical data on patient-care-unit specific drug use trends. Interpret data, make recommendations and implement inventory changes in order to maintain safe and appropriate selection of standard stock. Review suggested par level data quarterly and make adjustment to top 25 items to ensure adequate supplies are maintained on each patient care unit, remove infrequently used non-standard stock items to improve space and drug utilization
  • 5. Perform and document scheduled surveillance audits of drug storage on all patient care units and automated dispensing devices. These audits include, but are not limited to: Daily review of narcotic discrepancy report.; Monthly audits of top 5 stockouts per patient care area, hospital wide sampling audit of 250 randomly selected Pyxis pockets, and Environment of Care rounds.
  • 6. Coordinate bi-annual audit of all automated dispensing machines.
  • 7. Produce a statistically valid analysis of overall automated dispensing system accuracy monthly, including overrides, stockouts, refills, etc.
  • 8. Perform periodic misadventure audits of technician loads, refills and other functions for competency assessment and coordinate documentation with Coordinator, Education and Training.
  • 9. Work with Manager,Pharmacy Operationsto ensure safe and appropriate selection of floorstock medications throughout the hospital and clinics and review requests for new additions to floorstock. Coordinate approved changes with Pharmacy Purchasing and Inventory Coordinator.
  • 10. Investigate narcotic discrepancy reports on a daily basis. Report to the patient services manager, Pharmacy Operations Manager and hospital security any discrepancy unresolved after 24 hours. Identify trends, issues and concerns in the data to provide a proactive approach to discrepancy management.
  • 11. Provide technician training re: Pyxis operations, problem resolution, hardware and software specific training for new hires and ongoing enhancements and changes, coordinated with Coordinator, Education and Training. Update all information in the Pyxis Resource notebook and identify necessary changes to departmental forms necessitated by the addition or deletion of pharmacy items to our formulary.
  • 12. Serve as a liaison between pharmacy and Patient Service Managers during system upgrades and enhancements, coordinate facility moves of machines and related technology and new system installations including medication inventory and IT needs. Provide support to nursing staff during implementation of practice changes relating to Pyxis medication distribution.
  • 13. Work with appropriate staff and/or managers to develop and implement resolutions to address drug distribution and/or storage problems.
  • 14. Process requests for user access in accordance with all relevant policies and procedures. Coordinate with Human Resources to facilitate provision of codes to new users during hospital orientation.
  • 15. Participate in review and implementation of pharmacy related automation and systems to ensure process efficiency and integration with existing systems and work processes.
  • 16. Effectively demonstrate the principles and conduct consistent with a High Reliability Organization.



High School Diploma


Two (2) to three (3) years in hospital pharmacy distribution, quality assurance or inventory control positions required. Knowledge of automated dispensing devices and pharmacy operations strongly preferred.


Current Pharmacy Techinician Registration with the State of Connecticut or eligible to register.


Strong data analysis and communication skills required. Database skills preferred with proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Word required. Working knowledge of standards and regulations related to drug storage and dispensing.

This job has no Apply URL.

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Job Info

Job: 21872

Department: Pharmacy
Category: PHARMACY
Status: Full Time Benefits Eligible
Shift: DAYS
Hours: 40

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